Open Letter to Heads of the Military Regarding Defeating the Alien Presence

Previous members of the military made a grave mistake when they hid the reality of aliens from the people of earth. That mistake has been continued. That mistake could endanger the future of humanity forever. It is time to remedy this situation before it is too late.

Alternative 3:
The Secret Space Program

“Alternative 3” was the final documentary done by the well respected “Science Report” of Anglia Television in England on April 1st 1977.

Attention: Victims of Alien or Military Abduction:

You can remove Mind Control Commands

How You Can Prevent Alien & Military Abductions & Spiritual Attack

How Michael Relfe Found How to Stop Abductions. Michael thought that they might come to get him the next night.

Murder and Attempted Murder of Mars Force Members?

A forum member is found dead after disclosing he may have served on Mars.

Note from Stephanie Relfe – This is not Scientology

I have never been a member of the Church of $cientology. However, the technology called Clearing which I used in The Mars Records comes largely from the work of the late, U.S. Navy Lieutenant Commander L. Ron Hubbard.

President Eisenhower’s great granddaughter refuses to go to Mars

Secret Mars Colony! Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, the great – granddaughter of President Ike, refused an invitation to join a Mars colony! Confirmation of Laura’s relationship to Eisenhower: this is Laura’s mother, Susan Eisenhower.

Nikola Tesla:
Journey to Mars

The Mars Records books are mentioned in this super well written and researched book. Very easy to read and understand. Well laid out. Photos. This should shake up some people at NASA!

Nikola Tesla: Journey to Mars includes an introduction by Commander X (trained in black operations): “I challenge anyone to prove we haven’t already been there!” Shocking evidence that shows we have already established colonies on the moon and Mars.

Nordic Conspiracy

“No Escape – Once they agree to go on a ship – God will not save them”

“I saw people thinking it was our Savior. It reminded me of what a rapture would look like; Thinking it was God calling us (maybe project blue beam), but in fact, it is the big harvest.. people realize this too late. and there will be no escape once they agree to go on a ship. Even when they are waiting in line.. the moment they agree, God cannot save them”

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God’s Name Is In Our DNA

Israeli Scientist Discovers YHVH is in our DNA


Will The Mark Of The Beast Change The DNA Of Mankind?


Michael Relfe – Military Training to Fight Aliens

Our Question of All Black Projects ‘Whistle-Blowers”: How come they get to keep their memories? Michael of “The Mars Records” and Pat of “The Mars Force” did not even KNOW they had hidden memories. It took much:

Removal of wernicke’s commands,

Removal of booby traps,

Removal of drugs,

HOURS of deprogramming with a biofeedback meter,

Identification and removal of FALSE memories,

Removal of demonic interference through prayer (black magick is a technology used by the dark side),

for them to get their memories back. The only ‘whistleblowers’ who we know of who have given a reason for regaining their memories are Al Bielek (he did auditing with a meter, very similar to clearing with a biofeedback meter) and Duncan O’Finian (his memories came back after an MRI scan, which may have deactivated implants. But it did not recover all his memories. And for all we know, he is still being taken (without his knowledge).

We can believe that some people do have SOME memories leak through, due to their own metaphysical abilities and/or God’s grace. But when this happens, it is quite likely that these are just the tip of the iceberg. And they don’t tell a complete story. And they could be fake memories to cover up something else. So, for those who have perfect recall of Black Projects and alien encounters, How come they get to keep their memories?

So when you read the accounts of “whistle blowers”, keep in mind that the government uses mind control protocols to enforce security agreements. And ask yourself “Is this real? Or is someone running a game on me?”

The Mars Records

The original Mars whistleblower. Published in 2000. Detailed records of over 250 hours of Clearing sessions with a biofeedback meter, where a man who had been in the U.S. Navy regained hidden memories of military service on Mars, Time travel, Killing with Remote Viewing, Mind control, and Military and Alien Abductions.




The Mars Records - Book 1 (333 downloads )


Alien Love Bite

Surfing The Apocalypse

The Mars Records Book 2

Continuing Book One, this book includes how you can stop military & alien abduction, and radionic attack! Plus learn the kinesiology wernicke’s correction to remove mind control commands, negative beliefs and implanted thoughts.



The Mars Records - Book 2 (298 downloads )

The Mars Force – Pat’s Story – Book 1

How Pat’s membership in a military cadet program led to Military Abductions and the suppressing of Psychic Abilities.



The Mars Force - Book 1 (314 downloads )

The Mars Force – Pat’s Story – Book 2

Continuing Book One, this book includes:

(1) the discovery that alters can be activated by breath and

(2) evidence that reptilians have a base, or a tunnel leading to a base, under more than 90% of hospitals and some morgues. They use this to gain access to the bodies in the hospital for the purpose of harvesting hormones.



The Mars Force - Book 2 (323 downloads )

Joining the Military – Is a Military Career What You Want?

Twenty reasons why joining the military in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, PHSCC, NOAACC or any other military command might be a bad idea.

Mars Base Destroyed?

British MI5 source claims Mars Base Destroyed by Comet.

“The Mars Records” is now published in a nationally distributed magazine! The Premier advanced science magazine, “Atlantis Rising”, has an excellent article by John Kettler “Shipping out to Mars”. This is in the Jan/Feb issue #49. It includes photos and information you probably haven’t seen elsewhere. You can obtain your copy directly from their store – click here.

Mars Anomaly – Plastic Wrapper found on Mars

This report zeros in on only a small bit of discarded substance that is out of place in this Mars crater floor environment and as such requires a little elaboration.Garbage from Mars Base?

Richard Hoagland, the preeminent Mars Researcher and expert on the “Face on Mars”

Please see his books and United Nations briefing on Mars.

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