Murder and

Attempted Murder of

Mars Force Members?


Editor’s Note: Much of the following information was emailed to me. I have not talked with Fay’s family. If anyone can verify or otherwise or add to the following information, please contact me

On September 30 2004 Fay Clark was found dead in his car, on his route to work.

Fay had been shot in the head. The police found a gun. The police ruled it suicide but others believe it was murder for the following reasons:

He had told friends previously that he did not have a gun.

He left no note.

Be bought things just previously.

He had many plans in the near future which he was totally excited about.

He had a family.

This was a great shock and loss to us and all who knew him. While I contacted Fay only through email a number of times, he seemed like an extremely nice and intelligent person. You can see this from the memorial page to him:


Fay showed his great generosity shortly after he first contacted me, when he offered to help as a moderator on the cloudbuster egroup, which has 600 or so members – I gladly accepted his offer as it is quite a bit of work. (Some time after that I accepted another very generous offer when John Morrisson took over the reins as owner of that group).

Fay emailed me a number of months before his death. I think it was November 2003. The long and detailed email he sent me made me think that of all the people (a couple of dozen I guess) who had contacted us since we published “The Mars Records”, he was the one who had the highest chance of turning out to have also been to Mars. I was greatly looking forward to meeting him at some time in the future. I normally save all such emails, but unfortunately, try as I might I cannot find it.

On September 22 2004, just ten days before his death, Fay posted the following on the relatively new Mars Force egroup (Started Sep 4 2004). This email contains much of the pertinent information that was in his original email to me.

From: “Lappoy” <>
Date: Wed Sep 22, 2004 7:41 pm
Subject: Re: [marsforce] Breaking the Ice

I am a retired Chief Electronics Technician.

I retired from the US Navy in 1995, and have several different interests regarding the Mars series of books, not the least of which is to eventually find out if I too have connections with some of the phenomena and experiences outlined in each book. I am interested in getting the training needed to do the clearing, but I know it won’t be very effective for me as a “solo”. I may be clear on these things, but who know’s what is there till you get a look. I have always been one to long for the glory road of space travel, and would not turn down the opportunity to travel beyond the earth if it was offered. My grandfather was involved in several different projects during his life, most of which he could not talk about – but remote viewing and items along those lines he was candid in discussing with me when I got older. I am not sure but often wonder about my times spent with him since I was old enough to walk, perhaps he helped me more than I will ever know.

So, if there is anyone in the San Francisco / Bay Area that wants to get trained up and swap sessions – let me know and we can get started together…. Stephanie has suggested I do this previously, but it did not seem as if I could make it happen soon. I joined the navy in 1975, and was in Great Lakes about the same times as Michael was…. There are gaps and things which are surreal in remembrance of that time frame so who knows? I am sure that if we use the protocols as Stephanie has outlined, that we can have successful and life enhancing sessions removing wernickes commands and memory blocks.


I was told by email that Fay was going to testify against two people the very next day. But I have not been able to determine it this is true or what these two people were accused of. However, since posting this information, I received an email from a person who claimed he was a co-worker (11/26/40), who did not give me his name, saying that Fay was definitely not scheduled to go to any court appearance. This may or may not be true. Do we all tell our co-workers and supervisors what’s going on in our lives? If you look at the photos of Fay on the memorial page, you will see that he did things that his co-workers may not have known about.

This person said that he believes it really WAS suicide and not murder. Their main reason for saying this seems to be that the police never lie or fudge evidence. Well, if you believe that, good luck to you.

We ask the question: was Fay murdered to stop him regaining memories of having been on Mars?

On October 14 2004, Pat of “The Mars Force” sent us this email.

Hi Stephanie and Michael:

As I lay in bed last night – reading – I ‘heard’ a voice tell me that “they” (The Powers That Be) were going to try something tomorrow, and I experienced a moment of fear that seemed attached to it. I had a mental impression that it would be on the way to work in the morning.

When I got ready this morning, I remembered the warning. Usually, I take a certain route to work each morning, but this morning, I biked on all new roads and even on the sidewalks. I biked the wrong way on one-way streets, so that the cars would be in front of me instead of behind me. It was still dark out, so the cars had their headlights on.

I got about three-fourths of the way to the hospital and was approaching an intersection when I saw a large, shiny-new, black pickup truck with rumbling side exhausts pull up to the red light and stop. I had the green, so I continued on. Suddenly, the black truck accelerated in a wide turn to the right. I had to brake hard and swerve to the left to get out of the way. If I hadn’t taken that action, I would have been under the truck!

The truck never stopped and there was no reaction by the driver – a rolled down window with a queried “Are you okay?” I couldn’t see into the truck’s windows because they were tinted. The truck cruised up the street to the second set of lights then turned left. At that point, I had recovered from my shock, and a voice inside my head said, “Get out of here!” I did!

Had the driver not seen me? No way! I was directly under the intersection’s lights. The driver didn’t stop for a moment then swing into his right turn – which he would have done if he had not seen me. He waited until I was almost in front of him.

The turn was also very weird. It was wide – like a bus or transport truck would make -as if the driver was trying to sweep me into it.

It was so close!! I thanked God, angels, whoever warned me the night before, so that I was alert and cautious this morning.


Later Pat sent an extra email:

At one point, as I was biking along the other streets to work, I had a quick mental impression of them wondering where I was. I believe they were waiting along my usual route and would have run me over from the front or back. (My usual route skirts downtown and goes through quiet, residential neighborhoods.) I think they figured out that I had taken another way to work and were looking for me – my alternative route went through downtown – when they came to the intersection and realized it was me crossing in front of them. At least, that’s the feeling I had as I started to bike in front of the truck – it was an “oh-oh!” reaction, a sinking sensation in my stomach, and a sudden recognition of ‘danger!’. Every nerve in my body was taunt BEFORE the truck surged forward. I think that’s why I reacted so quickly.

I’m praying for extra protection as well. Lots of it!!!

If either of these events were caused on purpose because Fay and Pat were members of The Mars Force, it is possible that they were done by rogue elements. Although some people seem to think that the ‘bad guys’ all work together as one big happy, united, co-ordinated team, I believe otherwise. I believe that there are many, many scenarios and games going on at the same time. Many different beings have their own ‘kingdom’ with their own evil agenda, with the goal that THEY will be in charge. So they squabble and fight with each other (thank God for us!). Only saints don’t have egos, and these beings are no saints. This applies to whether the beings are human, alien, reptilian or hybrid.

In all of these scenarios, there may be one thing in common – each of these groups wants to ‘own’ and control as many people with advanced metaphysical abilities as possible. Those people will generally protect their ‘own’ – much the same as we would protect a stud cow or bull. We hope that if the attack on Pat was not an accident, that it was done by a rogue group, and that Pat’s controllers will teach them a good lesson!

The key at all times is for all of us is to pray to God for guidance and protection. Only do what you feel God wants you to do, when he wants you to do it in. (Timing is everything). We personally prayed for six months before publishing the Mars Records, to make sure that was what we were meant to do and to make sure that we were meant to use our real names.

If you are thinking of doing something to uncover any possible hidden memories, or have any information that you want to tell the world, DO NOT TELL ANYONE what you are going to do until you DO IT. Learn from Phil Schneider. He said that he had hundreds of thousands of pages of top secret papers that he was going to give to the world – and then was murdered before he could do it.


Be very careful of who you work with. Recently I spoke with a woman on the phone. This woman had emailed me but I did not receive her initial email. Five days after her initial email she received a letter in the mail inviting her to join a support group. She said that she had never given out her name or address to anyone. She wanted to know if that group had my approval. I had never heard of them. I told her that there are NO support groups that I recommend. We recommend people do deliverance, kinesiology and clearing. These are done one-on-one – although it is a good idea to have another person you trust present during sessions.

Over the last few years, emails with the word “Mars” in the subject line have gone astray on occasion. These emails only get through when we remove the word “Mars”. I reply to all emails I receive. Of course, if you get a reply to an email and it says it’s from me, there is no guarantee that it IS from me, although I have yet to hear of or see an email that someone else sent pretending to be me.

If you are doing the best you can, to do what God wants, when he wants, then you have nothing to fear. Only God can protect you against their technology, size, wealth, experience and demonic power.

If you do something just because:

you think it’s a good idea.

you want to.

you think it’s exciting.

you think it’s neat to know secret stuff.

you want to be famous.

you just can’t bear to keep it to yourself any longer

– look out!!!

You are on your own.

See “Is someone killing our UFO investigators?”).

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