The Mars Force – Pat’s Story – Book 1 – Preface


“The Mars Force: Pat’s Story – Book 1”


How Pat’s membership in a Military Cadet Program
led to Military Abductions and the Suppressing of her Psychic Abilities.

First Published June 13 2002

In 2001 a woman in her early 50s named Pat contacted me after she read “The Mars Records” ( and decided to have clearing and kinesiology sessions. She lived quite a distance from where I was, but eventually she was able to make the journey and spent a week undergoing sessions with me.

Pat had been involved in the research and investigation of UFOs from 1978 to 1987, but she was not consciously involved with that activity at the time she saw me. She came to me mainly because she had experienced a great deal of trouble completing projects: sometimes she would just lie on her bed and stare at the ceiling, unable to do anything, for hours at a time!

When she read the Mars Records, she suspected that mental blocks and “Wernicke’s commands” were at the core of her problem and felt that I could help her remove them. She also had frequent flashback memories of violent incidents where she was struggling against restraints and vague scenes of fighting people that were trying to harm her. Pat also had missing time episodes during the years she was a UFO investigator. She also wanted to improve her memory.

When she came on the first night I found that she also wanted to end what are termed “negative hallucinations”. These are NOT hallucinations. This term means that she sometimes could not see things that were present – for example, a person sitting opposite her. She was not sure how often they happened, but thought that it could be every couple of months.

During the sessions, I also discovered that she periodically went into a trance for several minutes, where she could hear and see everything but could not move a muscle or speak. She did this three times in my presence, the first when I was driving her back to her hotel. It was quite an eerie feeling to be with someone who had to all appearances turned into a living statue. Several months after the sessions, Pat reported that these trance states had decreased in frequency so much that she rarely experienced them anymore. She also reported that she was more motivated and able to get projects completed. In fact, her physical energy and mental focus had significantly improved.

In addition, Pat said that there were times when she “could swear she was dying or having a heart attack”. Later in the sessions I also found that she had had strong mental impressions that she had killed people. This was surprising as Pat is a happy, kind, intelligent, ladylike woman. Since that memory did not fit into her present life, she had wondered if she had lived another time line.

When Pat came to see me she stayed in a motel a few miles from our home. I felt very strongly that she was going to need a portable door lock when she got here, so we gave her one when she arrived. (It is highly recommended that anyone who suspects that they are being interfered with by the secret government use one of these every night, especially when traveling. We have found that their agents are able to open all the locks and chains that are on doors, but the portable door lock keeps them from physically walking in the door).

“The Mars Force” refers to others besides Michael Relfe (the man described in “The Mars Records”) who discover, through undergoing clearing sessions, that they have been transported to Mars and used as psychic soldiers.

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