Our Question of All Black Projects ‘Whistle-Blowers”: How come they get to keep their memories? Michael of “The Mars Records” and Pat of “The Mars Force” did not even KNOW they had hidden memories. It took much:

Removal of wernicke’s commands,

Removal of booby traps,

Removal of drugs,

HOURS of deprogramming with a biofeedback meter,

Identification and removal of FALSE memories,

Removal of demonic interference through prayer (black magick is a technology used by the dark side),

for them to get their memories back. The only ‘whistleblowers’ who we know of who have given a reason for regaining their memories are Al Bielek (he did auditing with a meter, very similar to clearing with a biofeedback meter) and Duncan O’Finian (his memories came back after an MRI scan, which may have deactivated implants. But it did not recover all his memories. And for all we know, he is still being taken (without his knowledge).

We can believe that some people do have SOME memories leak through, due to their own metaphysical abilities and/or God’s grace. But when this happens, it is quite likely that these are just the tip of the iceberg. And they don’t tell a complete story. And they could be fake memories to cover up something else. So, for those who have perfect recall of Black Projects and alien encounters, How come they get to keep their memories?

So when you read the accounts of “whistle blowers”, keep in mind that the government uses mind control protocols to enforce security agreements. And ask yourself “Is this real? Or is someone running a game on me?”



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