Memories of Mars – An email from the Late Kent Steadman of Cyberspace Orbit


Kent Steadman


Kent ran a brilliant website which is archived.

5/20/15 – While going through old emails I found this email from him. Since he has moved on to a better place, I figure that it would be okay for us to post this:

>”I’m whispering now, shhhh,  I’ve had similar experiences, visions, dreams involving Mars.

It all started with some training I received in the mid-Seventies in a Theosophical Camp (not a member of the Society actually) under the direction of a really remarkable fellow, Dr. Ron Crum, Ford Motor Company secret projects Engineer and NASA Systems Engineer–designer of onboard computers for the early moon missions.

At any rate we did sessions similar to Silva Mind Control whereby through “autohypnosis” we accessed levels of mind where we could seem to move OBE, build inner workshops, connect telepathically one to another, remote view, etc.

I discovered I was a natural, always the artist-creative, was easy for me.

A year following these sessions I began to have spontaneous, rather jolting, “contacts” and experiences.

I was sent to Mars, no kidding.

The memory is partially veiled, not pleasant, involved invasions, wars, resistance.

But little by little stuff percolates to the surface.  I do obsessive Mars research, have found some interesting places on Mars, a lake for instance, a mine.

A possible Horus-like temple ruin

Some of the experiences I remember are wild and I quite don’t know how to integrate.  I used a fictional “tale-spinning” literary technique as a device to self-probe:


The above contains some elements, although some are indeed fiction or imagination or not sure which as the partitions in my mind-spectrum are not that thick.

Also this info was sent to me from an “unconfirmed” member of a special team, PEA, or Physical Evidence Acquisition, some of it rings bells:

I think some of us have DNA memory of being denizens of Mars, having flown the coop in ancient times because of trouble.

Much more Mars search on ORBIT page, why, because I am totally “tweaked”, drat.



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