The Mars Records Interview


The following is an exclusive interview that Surfing The Apocalypse conducted with Michael and Stephanie Relfe. Stephanie Relfe is the author of THE MARS RECORDS, a chronicle of biofeedback meter sessions where Michael R. regained hidden memories of military service on Mars.

During these sessions which began in 1996, the two discovered that while Michael was in the United States Navy he served for twenty years at a base that was established on the planet Mars.

Through the clearing sessions, a complex set of memories began to surface. Memories that included remote viewing, time travel, age recession of 20 years and on-going intrusive abductions. These memories were found buried beneath the false memories that had been implanted so that Michael would not remember.

The Book THE MARS RECORDS is a result of these sessions. It is available online and is free to download at:

Where possible, when certain technologies or people are mentioned in the interview, links to information on those subjects and/or people are provided. It is highly recommended that you follow these links and review the information contained there, as well as search out information on your own.

Surfing the Apocalypse is denoted as SURFING, Michael R. as MICHAEL, and Stephanie Relfe as STEPHANIE.

This interview was conducted via email over a period of several weeks by Theresa de Veto for Surfing The Apocalypse.

The views expressed here are not necessarily the views of Surfing The Apocalypse, the interviewer or any of the affiliated websites.


SURFING: In 1996 You began clearing sessions, can you tell me about why you started these sessions and the techniques that were used?

MICHAEL: I initially agreed to the clearing sessions because I have always had a question concerning a dream I had as a child. I dreamed of seeing a spaceship outside my house.

STEPHANIE:When I first met Michael I thought I might have (finally) met the man for me. I could tell that he had done some work on himself (which I learned later was called deliverance). We met through a number of coincidences at the Nexus Magazine conference in Sydney. We had a date the first day we met, but it soon became clear to me that this wasn’t going to work – he still had too much anger in him, and his ideas on some things were too fixed. However, we remained friends. From my side, in particular because I needed his help to make my web page (

Meanwhile, I continued to pray and work to meet the man of my dreams. About a year later I was on the net when I saw an ad for some information that I KNEW was for me. I sent off my money. I had figured that since the man of my dreams would be telepathic like me; he should be able to pick up my thoughts and find me. But the information told me that there is no use talking telepathically to someone if their ‘phone is off the hook’ so to speak. They need to be in THEIR alpha levels as well. And when is that? When they are asleep. So I told myself that I would wake when I was in mind-to-mind communication with the man who fitted the list of the man of my dreams. I woke at 3 am and he was THERE spiritually. I told him to get to me as soon as possible. About 3 weeks later I was sitting at a table with Michael. I was thinking – he’s got so much going for him – if only I could get rid of whatever that rage is behind his eyes. Suddenly I got the thought to offer him some clearing sessions free of charge. To my surprise (because not everyone wants to look at their ‘stuff’) he accepted.

( EDITORS NOTE: An excerpt from THE MARS RECORDS describing the methods and techniques used can be found HERE)

SURFING: Were the clearing sessions successful in retrieving the memories as well as diffusing the rage?

MICHAEL: Concerning the childhood memories, we haven’t gone that deep into exploring that area. The internal rage I felt as the result of how I had been treated is mostly gone. Along with that was great physical pain (in my neck and back) that I had felt as a result of the crash of the attack craft. The way clearing works, it is easier to remember things that contain a lot of “charge” on them. That charge is usually associated with pain or traumatic events.

STEPHANIE: Michael is a very different person now to how he was when I first met him. Eventually he improved so much that when he asked me to marry him, I accepted. We are now very happy together. And he becomes more of a “people person” every day, when previously he was pretty much a loner.

SURFING: Michael, when did you enlist in the U.S. Navy and how long did you serve with them?

MICHAEL: I enlisted in the Navy in 1976 for the Nuclear Power Program. That program requires a six year enlistment.

My time in the Navy was 6 years relative and 26 years absolute. That means 6 years in my “normal” life time line. Then some time after arriving at Great Lakes, Illinois for Electronics Tech school I was recruited to Mars. I stayed there 20 years, at which time I was age regressed and returned to Great Lakes about a week after I had left.

6 Years + 20 Years = 26 Years.

Remember that during the duration of my 6 year enlistment plus the next 14 years, there were two instances of “me”, one on Earth and one on Mars. There was no “parallel universe” situation.

SURFING: Michael, you state that the time you spent in the Navy was ” 6 years relative and 26 years absolute,” and that there were “two instances” of you, “one on earth and one on Mars,” can you explain what this means and/or how this worked?

MICHAEL: In the book, the visual representation of the time line helps clarify the matter. I was living my normal “time line” when I was recruited for the program. I was taken to Mars via jump gate where I served a 20 year tour of duty. During that period I was not allowed contact with any event, any thing or anyone on earth. At the end of the tour of duty I was physically age regressed 20 years and returned to my point of origin. (about a week after I had left). I continued to live my normal “time line”

From the point of an outside observer I lived my normal time line (minus the week I was gone). At the same period I was also living on Mars, totally isolated from earth. The key is ISOLATED. During the time on Mars I was never allowed to interfere with any event on earth. In addition, I eventually had to be returned to earth to live out my normal time line and accomplish my destiny.

SURFING: The “jump gate” that you refer to, is this technology that grew out of the Philadelphia Experiment?

MICHAEL: Yes. This is the same technology that Al Bielek describes in the Montauk Book series, although instead of being in the experimental stages, at the time of my enlistment, this technology was being used in everyday practice.

SURFING: Your first clearing sessions were because you remembered seeing “spaceships” as a boy. Can you tell me about these memories, and what you discovered about them in the sessions?

MICHAEL: I remembered that one night I was awakened and my parents were not in the house. So I went outside to try and find them and saw all the people of our neighborhood outside looking up at the sky at a “rocket”. I wanted to know if it was really a dream.

Then I mentioned to Stephanie something about wanting to know if I ever saw “weird” things in the Navy. The meter started to read so Stephanie followed that line of thought. The Mars Records is the result.

SURFING: What was your first memory of your service on Mars? How did you both feel about this revelation?

MICHAEL: It was during the first session as described in the book. I was in Great Lakes, Illinois, in the Nuclear Power Program. I had completed Electronic Tech School but they supposedly did not have room at Nuclear Power School for me at that time, so I was assigned to be an “Instructor Assistant” at one of the Electronic Schools. My memory from that time seemed “flat”, like a cartoon or something. When Stephanie started questioning me about that time, asking if I was doing something else or if I was somewhere else, that is when the meter started reading. The word MARS came into mind and the meter went crazy. She continued with that line of research.

How did I feel about it ? I was very surprised and astonished at this realization. I had no idea I was ever involved in anything such as this. You have to understand that I was very emotionally “bound up” at this time. I was “programmed” to be an unemotional loner and did not react emotionally to much of anything. My job was using my Remote Viewing “talent” to kill other beings (human alien and other) in excess of 70 times. Other beings were just “targets”. My world was one of fact and logic. I was a very cold person. I once mentioned to Stephanie that I must have been like the Psicorps Officer “Mr. Bester” on the TV show Babylon 5. She said “No, You were like his BOSS !” I have improved quite a bit since then.

STEPHANIE: I had a range of emotions and thoughts at the time. However, a clearing session runs successfully only if the clearing practitioner is PRESENT. I was trained to be present, no matter what the client says or does. Once you are are in that state of “Here” and “Now”, nothing affects you – because our emotions are a result of our past experience and beliefs.

Also, because I had done years of clearing and reading about alternative type things, I had had my reality on many things totally changed many times in the past, so that one more surprise was not as hard to handle had I not been prepared by previous changes to my way of thinking.

However, that aside, I guess I can say that at the back of my mind there was a part of me that felt that the world turned upside down, so to speak, when I asked him “where were you at that time?” and he finally answered “Mars”. Some how I just KNEW that his answer was going to be Mars. I didn’t put that thought in his head. It’s just that the reality of it was so much in the room (and because I’m pretty telepathic). It took him quite a while to answer – not because he didn’t instantly know the answer, just because he was reluctant to tell me. To me, he looked pretty astounded.

After the session, as his answers sunk further into my mind, I became even more astonished. It would have been all right if I had heard of even ONE person having been to Mars (I didn’t know at that time that Al Bielek said he had been to Mars), but that I should find the first person to remember this was a pretty big responsibility. It took me a long time to get used to the idea. For quite a while after that I used to try different ways to get Michael to realize that it must have come from a past life or something else, but I finally had to accept that it really happened and in this lifetime.

SURFING: What was your life like on Mars? Did you live on the surface or underground? What special life support systems, if any were required?

MICHAEL: From my memories in the sessions, I remember that most living was done indoors in a mixture above ground and underground installations. We have not looked at this subject fully.

SURFING: What was your “mission” at the Mars base?

MICHAEL: My service at Mars Base took place over a 20 year time span. During that time my job specialty changed at least twice. During one time period I was involved with Remote Viewing. During the remote viewing period, there was a time of initial conditioning (drugs to enhance metaphysical “talent” and surgery for the man/machine interface), training and deployment. The missions that I performed at different stages varied from recon (data gathering) to defense to offensive.

Recon – Data Gathering, Covert Spying, etc. Remote Viewing can be shielded against. You have to have control and finesse to be effective against a shield.

Defense – Differing assignments according to the “power” of the talent. Ranges from lightweight, general “monitoring” of a region, to active defense of a region, to active defense of an installation, to active defense of a selected VIP target.

These regions can be on planet or in an area surrounding the planet. Sometimes the defense is “mental”. Sometimes you are hooked into offensive and defensive weapons systems.

Offensive – Remote Viewing used as an offensive tactical weapon to terminate selected VIP targets (assassination). Even with the machines, this job requires a “talent” of high “horsepower” and low compassion for other beings. Most RV people never come close to this level.

These jobs are a progression “upward”. I remember being very good against shields. Later after gaining experience I became offensive and proficient at termination. The final count was 70 targets terminated.

SURFING: What exactly were you defending on Mars Base, and who were you defending it from?

MICHAEL: During my Remote Viewing period, defense was provided for various targets, depending upon the operatives skill and experience. Some of the things defended were regions of space, installations, VIE equipment, weapons platforms and VIP individuals. We have not looked at the identification of the enemy(s)

SURFING: You mention “final count 70 targets terminated,” who/what were these targets?

MICHAEL: These targets were humans, aliens and synthetics (I don’t actually know what a synthetic is…it is the name I give to the “thing” that looks human, but is a shell containing an artificial intelligence)

SURFING: What is the man-machine interface?

MICHAEL: The machine that amplifies your metaphysical abilities. It requires a direct connection to the brain. Candidates undergo surgery to implant an interface device so that the connection can be made.

SURFING: Earlier in the interview you mentioned great physical pain in your neck and your back as a result of the “crash of the attack craft.” What was the crash of the attack craft?

MICHAEL: From what we have been able to piece together, I spent a certain amount of the 20 year Mars duty term in a specialty commonly known as Remote Viewing. I “know” that this is a very stressful type of procedure and that duty rotation is required. I also “know” that I was given a choice of other types of training and I chose flight training.

In one session I recalled flying a single seat attack craft and while being on patrol in a certain area, I discovered a very large ship. It was deep space recon so I was supposed to return after reporting the position of the intruder. I didn’t. I was too excited, gung-ho and bored for “action”. I went as close as possible and launched my weapons. They launched some type of missile, that when it hit my ship, it did not explode, but penetrated the cockpit. It sent quite a bit of shrapnel into my arm, chest and leg. The suit I was wearing sealed the wounds and pumped me full of drugs that put me in suspension. I was later picked up and sent to the hospital for repair.

SURFING: In the Mars Records you mention two specific groups of “aliens,” The Greys and The Reptilians. Can you tell me more about these groups and what their connection to the US Military is?

MICHAEL: I can recall that they work together with certain groups within the shadow government. The greys seem to be technicians or doctors, always doing something to someone. Neutral toward the subject. The reptilians seem ill tempered and we have had more than a few psychic attacks from some of them.

SURFING: How have your “monthly visits” (abductions) been? Are they still occurring? Do you believe these will ever stop?

MICHAEL: The “visits” continued monthly after the scars appeared. After the Mars Records was published on the net, we moved to another state. As per what usually happened when we moved, they took a while to track us down. Eventually, however, the visits started again. There has been an increase in psychic attack since then and if it were not for the protection of God Almighty, I believe that things could be a lot worse.

STEPHANIE: A big reprisal happened on Tuesday 30 May. I woke up in the morning and immediately felt a pain in my right breast. I was VERY surprised to find a large, hard lump about 1.5″ wide, on the right hand side behind the nipple. Nothing like this had ever happened before. I am very healthy, and constantly work to improve my health with diet etc.

Muscle testing indicated it wasn’t cancerous or a cyst – although I believe it would have developed that way if we hadn’t dealt with it. Muscle testing showed it was related to people associated with the Mars Records.

Michael prayed for me (e.g. “In Jesus name I break every curse, spell and psychic prayer put upon Stephanie by any government group, MIB group, witches satanists or masonic group, NWO group, illuminati group, NRO group, NSA group, CIA group, military group, army group, navy group, air force group, marine corps group, Mars Defense Force Group, Mars Program group, reptilian group, draconian group, grey alien group, insect alien group. In the name of the lord Jesus Christ I break every soul tie, communication link, insertion point, communication line, surveillance line, hook, radionics attack, death signal hook and disease signal hook put upon Stephanie by (the names above).

Instantly pain appeared in my breast, (especially when he mentioned radionics – which was added when I got an intuitive flash that it might be related to this) and I did a lot of burping, belching and yawning which confirmed the spirits were radionics (not cancerous at that time).

We also got a good reaction when he prayed away spirits of “breast infection” and “breast inflammation”. Also, something was hooked into the breast itself which was associated with the Mars project and military.

After this, the pain went away and the lump was immediately 50% smaller. We continued to pray a few more times, and the lump was totally gone within about 40 hours.

Up until this time the attacks were mostly demonic in nature, with energy being drained, anger thrown in etc. The radionics thing was a new thing. We believe that this may be the mechanism behind the MANY researchers (especially UFO researchers) dying of cancer and heart attack. (I once read an article outlining how many UFO researchers had died, and it was an amazingly long list).

This just goes to show that God’s power is more powerful than anything the enemy has.

SURFING: At one point in the clearing sessions, you came to realize that “abduction/physical” changes had been made to your father while he served in the U.S. Air Force and that as a result of these changes “they” started “doing things” to you at age 8.

First off, who are “they?” Secondly what type of physical changes were made to you and what was the effect of these changes?

MICHAEL: “They” were grey aliens. The changes made to me were genetic. The effects of these changes were to enhance my natural “talent”. It must have worked as they have been visiting monthly for the last couple of years to “harvest” tissue from my testicles.

I believe that the genetic changes increased my talent “horsepower” as well as its depth and breadth of control and resolution.

SURFING: All during your experiences, you were subjected to the drug Scopolomine. Scopolomine is one of the most insidious drugs known. It has been stated that a person can be “programmed” in five minutes or less using this drug. My understanding is that Scopolomine was originally used on “double agents” so that if the double agent was subjected to torture, truth serum or more Scopolomine the ORIGINAL programmers had to be sure that the double agent would not “crack.” Scopolomine was combined with personality fragmentation and hypnosis so that no matter what the interrogators did, if they did not have the original “code words” or “triggers” they could not penetrate the “cover.” How were you able to locate and break this programming, and how can you be sure that you have completely “cracked” it?

MICHAEL: I give all the credit to GOD Almighty and The Lord Jesus Christ for breaking the power that these people had over me.

The mind control technologies that these “controllers” use are composed of a demonic component, a metaphysical component and a physical component, all in one.

An example is an implant that suppresses metaphysical abilities. A hardware device (physical) that generates signals that interfere with energy processes (metaphysical). Then a demonic entity is “assigned” to protect, maintain and look after the device. If the subject starts to think the wrong thoughts or probe too deeply into certain subjects covered by the demons assignment, it takes measures, within its authority (and what GOD allows) to try to distract and lead the person’s thoughts in other directions.

Sometime pain, fear and uncomfortableness is used.

So you can see that it is the power of Jesus Christ and the deliverance he provides that gave me enough freedom to allow the clearing and kinesiology to help me.

The idea is that the body and the mind records everything that has ever happened to it. It even knows the “code words” that the controller has used to “lock in” the programming. Clearing allows the therapist to “home in” on the exact time that the programming took place. By looking at the memory pattern over and over, it is “worn away” and weakened. When specific commands are implanted, the wernicke’s procedure can find and remove them. When drugs are used, the kinesiology will balance out (cancel) the effects of the drug. The deliverance removes the demonic component of the equation and prevents interference by the dark forces.

Remember that these effects took many years to build up and it may take some time to undo. We have not completely “cracked” this programming, but with God’s help, we will.

SURFING: Many “booby traps” were placed in you to stop you from remembering these experiences, including commands that were meant to make you fatally ill if you were to remember. I think it might be useful to others who may be experiencing these same things to explain a bit here about what Wernicke’s commands are and how they were removed.

MICHAEL: The wernicke’s commands are completely explained in the book. The procedure is outlined. The booby traps are dealt with slowly with God’s help. We do a lot of extra praying when delving into this area. I am reading the Fritz Springmeier books at this moment to gain more information in this area.

STEPHANIE: It is generally known that research has shown that words are stored in a specific area on the left side of the brain. What is not so well known is that there is an equivalent area in the right half of the brain which is also involved with language. Both these areas are called the Wernicke’s area.

Experiments have shown that if the Wernicke’s area in the left half of the brain is electrically stimulated during speech, it will interfere with the ability to talk properly, almost halting speech.

The same type of stimulation to the Wernicke’s area in the right brain, however, causes a person to hear “voices” or “commands”. These are usually of an authoritarian or dictatorial nature, and can be identified as the voice of one who was feared, admired or “looked up to” by the person being stimulated.

The ‘authorities’ who might have put commands into this mind are anyone that we might have looked up to at some time. These can include parents, teachers, peers, politicians, and doctors – and aliens.

Have you ever been told to “grow up”, “shut up”, “eat up”, “forget that” or “give up”? Have you ever been told “you’re mad”, you’re bad”, “you’re stupid” or “you’ll never make it”?

If somebody you thought was powerful or important said “you’re too fat”, “you’ll never change”, “you’ll forget”, “you’re a slow learner”, “eat ALL your food”, “don’t trust anyone”, “you’re not good enough”, “strong enough”, “clever enough” “you’ll go to hell” etc. etc. then they may have made an ‘entry’ in your right Wernicke’s area, an implanted command, which is still influencing you to this day!

In the case of people who have suffered an abduction experience, the commands have often been implanted INTENTIONALLY. Commands such as “you will forget” and “this never happened” and “you dreamed all this” are one reason why the victims have no conscious memory of the event.

In 1996 Australian kinesiologist David Bridgman made an astounding discovery. He realized how to remove negative beliefs from the brain!

The key to removing these beliefs is that they are stored in the brain as though another person said them e.g. “You won’t remember”. The brain then tries to make sense of a command and translates it, for example, as “I won’t remember”. This command then interferes with the person. To get rid of the command you must find the EXACT wording of the command, which in this case is “YOU won’t remember”.

The specific kinesiology procedure developed by David Bridgman enables a person to REMOVE the sabotaging commands from the brain. Instant improvement is generally noted in the person who has done this.

This is a simple, revolutionary and very powerful procedure. If you are interested, send an email to me at mentioning the Wernicke’s video and I’ll put you on a list to be notified when we have produced a video teaching this technique.

SURFING: Knowing all the disinformation that is in the mind control world, what measures do you take before you rely on someone else’s information?

MICHAEL: I use prayer and ask God for spiritual discernment. I never totally rely on anyone’s information except God’s King James Bible.

STEPHANIE: I run my life by listening to my intuition. The more I do that, the more I can rely on the answers it gives me, as when I do it, it is always correct (although at the time it often may not seem to make a lot of sense). Also, I like to meet the person in the flesh (e.g. by going to Global Sciences Congress) to see what they’re like and what vibration they give off.

SURFING: Because of so much disinformation in regard to mind control information, have you found a way using any of the techniques, beyond what your faith and intuition tells you, that helps you to verify that the information is truthful and coming from a pure motive, rather than one of deception?

MICHAEL: Our experience with Kinesiology and Clearing has proven to be effective in our situation. Kinesiology allows the body to indicate what is wrong with it. The Clearing technology and the “truth detector” meter can’t be fooled. Let me stress the importance of “faith”. If you don’t deal with the demons, you don’t deal with mind control.

As for other techniques, we are not familiar with any other techniques that claim to “break” programming. Most people use hypnosis. So do the bad guys. Hypnosis doesn’t cure hypnosis. Hypnosis does not remove the cause of the problem.

SURFING: After many years, The TV Program Alternative 3 has been released for viewing on the internet.

The film which was produced by Anglia Television aired in 1977.Quoting from the website: “Alternative Three – to build a “transfer station” on the backside of the Moon, build an underground base on Mars and remove a certain limited “Noah’s Ark” cross section of Earth’s population, artists, scientists, engineers, writers, etc., to Mars as a survival colony in the event of “catastrophe” on Earth. They started this project in 1961 and may have accomplished most of this as well.”

Is this what you believe has been accomplished on Mars? A “survival colony?”

( EDITORS NOTE: Alternative 3 can be viewed online/free: HERE )

MICHAEL: The Mars Base project accomplishes that mission objective, however with the jump gate technology that is utilized by this group, colonization of other planets in other star systems is a reality. During one of the sessions I came to “know” that the mars base is a jumping off point to other bases on other planets and that it is used because of the electronic “interference” here on earth to too great to use that technology effectively.

Mars Base is not a survival colony. It is composed of several large installations located at different points around the planet.

SURFING: So, The “colonization” as described in Alternative 3 has taken place BUT on several planets other than Mars. Do you know what other planets are being accessed and/or colonized?


SURFING: It seems as if there are actually TWO governments at work here. One that we the public are told of and that operates close to what we as the public know as our current technological level of achievement. Then there seems to be a second “shadow” government that works at a much higher and secretive level. It also appears that these two government factions are either unaware of each other, or are at battle with each other. Is this perception correct? Do you have anything to add to this?

MICHAEL: This is pretty much my conclusion, however there is some overlap in their operations, what with them keeping me under “watch” since childhood as well as the way I was “recruited” from training in Great Lakes, Illinois.

SURFING: PAGE 101 – The Mars Records – You speak of how Reptilians at Pine Gap Military Base in Australia put “metaphysical hooks” into you taking part of your “mind and heart” and keeping them at Pine Gap. You state the reason for this was so the reptilians could “siphon off the energy and use it for barter.”

What can you tell me about this?

MICHAEL: Only what came up in the session. That these reptilians had hooks into the energy centers of my body and that they were draining energy to be used by them as a “sacrifice” to the dark forces that they serve.

They seek out those individuals with metapsychic abilities. That is what the “metagene” is about.

SURFING: In the notes regarding the session on page 101 of THE MARS RECORDS Stephanie writes: “It was found by muscle testing that reptilians do not fit the term “alien.” They have been on this earth for such a long time that they are considered residents by our bodies.”

What does this mean?

MICHAEL: Michael: This was an interesting discovery. Using muscle testing we ask our “body/mind/will/emotions” questions. Our body knows (genetic memory?) that these beings called reptilians have been on this planet for quite some time and they are not “alien” to it. It is interesting that the Bible describes a serpent like creature talking to Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. In addition, many societies have stories of snake or reptile like creatures and in fact these creatures demanded worship and sacrifice from those societies.

STEPHANIE: I first discovered this about 5 years ago. There was a group of people who were doing work with a man who was working at a house in the country outside Sydney, Australia, owned by a friend of mine. He was showing them how to raise their frequency to the “Love Universe”. He said that the opposite of love is not hate, it is “no love”, and some people’s frequency was in the “No-Love Universe”, not the “Love Universe”. (One way of getting into the No-Love Universe is to do a lot of work such as clearing where one is looking at negative stuff, without balancing it up by doing other positive work such as working to increase love).

I saw a number of people have this done to them, and it was sometimes quite amazing to watch. I saw a positive, physical change in one man who had once been a Catholic priest.

They started finding that some people would get very sick once their frequency was raised to the love universe. They then discovered that these people had “metaphysical circuitry ” (wiring and other junk – presumably to block metaphysical abilities) on them, put there by aliens. From then on, the people would locate this junk (with muscle testing) and remove it before doing the frequency change.

This worked for a few people. However, they STILL found that some people got sick. They then got the realization that the body did not label reptilians as aliens, because they have been here as long as we have. After that, they would muscle test first for alien OR reptilian circuitry. Sometimes they would get that one of these was present, some times the other, some times both, sometimes none. After that, no one got sick.

Interestingly enough, one evening I was there I learned one way to discover the presence of a reptilian. Three women were in a corner together when one said “What is that awful smell?” The other two could smell it as well. The man in charge of the sessions came quickly over, realizing that it was a reptilian (invisible, or in spirit), and commanded it to leave. The smell then went away. Since that time, I have noticed an awful ‘rotten’ smell a couple of times when there were negative emotions going on, and I have commanded it to leave (in Jesus’ name if necessary), and things have improved.

An interesting find was after I told this story to Michael. He asked that I muscle test to find out what universe he was in. He was in the Love Universe. When I tested to find out when this happened, it happened when he accepted Jesus as his Lord and savior.

SURFING: You know that most people view your story as “unbelievable,” I have seen comments on the internet stating it is everything from scientology to disinformation to something that should be seriously considered, what do you have to say, if anything, regarding this?

MICHAEL: “Black” projects of any type are not in most peoples reality. It is much easier to believe that those in power do not have this technology than vice versa. The ramifications of The Mars Records is startling. I possess metaphysical abilities of sufficient “horsepower” that “they” find it necessary to “shut me off” as well as abduct me for medical procedures, all without my knowledge. They have the technology to easily accomplish this. If they can do this to me, they can do the same to you, your family, your government leaders, etc. No one is safe. Trust No One but God Almighty and The Lord Jesus Christ. Everyone else, get deliverance.

As for the Kinesiology, separate the superstition from the technology. Energy medicine is real and it works. The enemy knows about it and will use it against you. Learn to use it to nullify the attacks of the enemy and heal yourself.

As for Clearing, separate the superstition from the technology. Clearing technology is real and it works. It works outside of the influence of any organization. There exists a large group of individuals in all parts of the world using Clearing to help others. Many of these people have never been exposed to the teachings of any organization. The enemy will use mind control to enslave others. Clearing can be used to nullify the effects of these mind control programs.

As for the reality of The Mars Records, I can only say that this book was written for a very small percentage of the population. It’s for those people who are following God’s plan for their life, to free themselves from bondage and to join the fight to free others as well. If you want to actively fight the enemy, learn deliverance, kinesiology or clearing (or all 3) and dedicate yourself to the fight. God will send people for you to help immediately thereafter.

At the end of the day, I have to look at the scars on my groin and wonder what they took out of me or put into me as well as wait for the next time. Its not “disinformation”. Its my life.

STEPHANIE: I can’t blame anyone that finds this unbelievable. Despite having read a lot of unusual stuff it has always happened to someone else, and so there have been times when I find it hard to believe too. But then all I have to do is add up in my mind the dozens of pieces of evidence that show that it is true. And they keep on coming!

Most people are too much involved in day-to-day material living to worry too much about all this. I hope though that there are some people out there who have been affected as we have who can use this information to begin to uncover answers as to why they are having troubles in their life, such as in their relationship, as we did initially.

SURFING: How does one live a “normal” life after experiences like this?

MICHAEL: There is no “normal” life. I live in a world where 98% of the population are “children” living in an artificially created state of consciousness resembling sleep. Daily they give away their health, their freedom and their souls to the god of this world, Lucifer. There is no “normal” life. There is the love of God, the love of my family and the love of doing Gods will for my life. That is enough.

STEPHANIE: I guess in some ways we don’t. Everything looks completely different. One finds that one’s old friends drop off, as one goes from new reality to new reality. Although this had already been happening to me before The Mars Records. Thanks to the net we are finding new friends such as yourself with whom we can relate about the important things. And luckily, we have God and each other for company.

SURFING: What advice can you offer to others who may have also been victims of mind control manipulation?

MICHAEL: A personal relationship with God almighty and The Lord Jesus Christ is the first step. Without His help, there is no freedom. As a result of that new relationship, you are now entitled to the free gift of deliverance, that is having the demons removed from you. Next, use Kinesiology and good food, clean water and supplements to get your health back. Then use clearing technology and the wernicke’s correction to remove the mind control commands from you. Then start helping others. That becomes YOUR ministry.

STEPHANIE: The first thing is to get a personal relationship with God. Listen to your heart and intuition – as that is where he will speak to you. Then ask God for guidance and take action when you get guided by your intuition. You will find out sooner or later if it was your intuition that spoke to you – or something else! In this way, you get to know better and better when it is truly your intuition speaking to you.


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