Note from Stephanie Relfe – This is not Scientology

Note from Stephanie Relfe on Scientology


I have never been a member of the Church of $cientology, and do not recommend it to anyone. However, the technology called Clearing which I used in The Mars Records comes largely from the work of the late, former U.S. Navy Lieutenant Commander Ron Hubbard (who also used the work of others to create his Dianetics system). I learned Clearing from people who were in the church years ago. I understand that in 1982 thousands of people left the Church in protest at the changes that were made and the direction it was taking. There are many people part of a loose group called the “Free Zone” that works outside the church.

This technology is so powerful at uncovering hidden memories, that I believe Hubbard was “got at” on a number of times, and the organisation taken over by dark forces. The particular technology I use has similarities to Dianetics . It has no similarity to scientology processes and practically none to the Church of Scientology “upper levels” (as I have never done these). I understand that the kind of work I do comes from the work Hubbard did around the mid 60s. You will see in the Mars Records that I give references to some of his books. I am told that all kinds of people were getting incredible results back in the early days. Then, for no reason, he changed the technology and rules greatly.

I believe that no one in the church does the basic kind of clearing I do – which is simply, looking for the cause for upset and negative charge, and removing it by viewing it completely. Remember, a knife is not useful or dangerous on its own – it depends on who is using it. In addition, I believe that no one in the church would ever recommend or even allow the use of kinesiology or deliverance as I do (They call doing anything other than what the higher ups allow “squirrelling”).

Here’s a strange thought: I was told by a friend who knew Hubbard that Hubbard’s butler told him there were THREE different Hubbards’ at three different times. He said they had three very different shoe and body sizes. Others have told me that the technology had three main eras, each one quite different from the others. Certainly if you listen to different audio tapes of Hubbard, his voice changed dramatically over the years. And certainly, when you understand how organised the dark side is on this planet, and the power of this technology, it stands to reason that they would interfere.

Stephanie Relfe

Feb 6 2003

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