The Implanters

The Beings Who Enslave Civilization

by Stephanie Relfe


If you can see an implanter with your spiritual eye, it will look rather like a big, black storm cloud.

Before I discuss the Implanters, I need to give a little background. I am a Christian bishop of the Rex Deus Church, who believes in things like deliverance and metaphysical abilities and past lives, that will get you thrown out of most Christian churches. If you feel close to God but don’t feel you fit in with ‘normal’ people because you have metaphysical gifts and know that there is much more to reality than most people can ever imagine, then it may be the church for you (

I have never been a Scientologist, but I did learn how to do clearing with a biofeedback meter around 1991, from Allen Wright, who left the evil organization of the Church of Scientology along with thousands of others in the great pogrom of 1982. The dark side had to take over an organization that was able to discover and undo mind control and hypnosis. Hubbard called this technology “Dianetics Processing”. You can read about that here.

Another word for clearing is “auditing” which means “to listen”. Basically, using the meter and certain rules of communication and with enough training, one can listen to a person talk about their troubles, and help guide them to discover what the hidden or forgotten source of their troubles was, view them completely, and have them acknowledged so that the person is no longer affected by them.

Allen Wright has now passed on. Here is a video of him. He was a very good teacher in some ways, partly because he used super learning techniques he learned from the Money & You seminar:



Allen spent a lot of time with Ron Hubbard on the organization’s ship. Allen told me once that he was told by Ron Hubbard’s butler that there were three different Hubbards, each with different shoe and suit sizes. A butler notices things others do not. This would explain the great change in direction and teaching within the organization over the decades which took people away from simply discovering the source of their troubles, to doing weird stuff which I did not get involved with.

While the later Hubbard was insane and evil, the early one was a genius with extremely good intentions, as you can see from his writings. He was originally an officer in the U.S. Navy, and we have thought it is possible that he originally went undercover to try to undo some of the Satanic influences on the planet. There was a rumor that he was an agent for NIS (Naval Investigative Service).

While today it is easy to see that the Church of Scientology is an extremely evil organization, it was not always so. One needs to place what Hubbard did in the context of the time he was in. When Dianetics: the Modern Science of Mental Health came out in 1950, it was a smash success immediately, partly because in the field of mental care at that time, there was nothing officially accepted but psychiatry and psychoanalysis. The psychological therapies for individuals and groups which have sprung up since then were not available at that time. There was no meditation, yoga, New Age, kinesiology or other natural therapy or internet.

This is why Hubbard’s book when off like a bomb and people came to his lectures in the thousands. It formed a real alternative to the terror of electric shocks, drugs and lobotomies, which was all that was offered to people at that time.

This is no doubt one of the reasons why, one month after Dianetics came out, the American Medical Association declared Hubbard a nutcase, and the World Federation of Mental Health and the American Psychiatric Association, and even the CIA all got busy investigating, making up stories and spreading rumors. In the course of one FBI investigation in 1951, false reports were put into Interpol files and given around the world.[1] This data was reused over and over by the media in years to come.

This was peculiar because at that time, Dianetics had not done any harm to anyone at that time. Hubbard wrote of Dianetics,

“Dianetics is not in any way covered by legislation anywhere, for no law can prevent one man sitting down and telling another man his troubles.”[2]

“In twenty or a hundred years the therapeutic technique which is offered in this volume will appear to be obsolete. Should this not prove to be the case, then the author’s faith in the inventiveness of his fellow man will not have been justified.”[3]

But the political machine that runs earth did not care about this. After all, Hubbard said 70% of illnesses were psychosomatic, and could be corrected with auditing. This made the American Medical Association mad. He said that drugs, hypnosis and electric shocks were harmful. This made the American Psychiatric Association mad.

But worst of all, he was able to undo brainwashing and since brainwashing is the most important way that this planet is kept under control, he had to be stopped by the evil ones. Hubbard mentions in various places in his books how the government uses hypnosis and mind control, and even how homosexuals use hypnosis to make heterosexuals into homosexuals (Ref: The Blue Volumes). For example, he said;

“There is another form of hypnotism which falls between the surgical operation and straight hypnotism without physical pain. This form of hypnotism has been a carefully guarded secret of certain military and intelligence organizations. It is a vicious war weapon and may be of considerably more use in conquering a society than the atom bomb.

This is no exaggeration. The extensiveness of the use of this form of hypnotism in espionage work is so wide today that it is long past the time when people should have become alarmed about it. It required dianetic processing to uncover pain-drug-hypnosis. Otherwise, pain-drug-hypnosis was out of sight, unsuspected, and unknown.”(Science of Survival, Page II-223)

That one quote was enough to get him eliminated. So the attacks continued from the outside, and later on became even more effective, by burrowing within, and distorting the technology, and adding mind control and the controlling methods of cults to make it even worse. He even mentions in different books how

Clearing is not hypnosis. Hypnosis is when the conscious mind is completely shut down. Several pieces of evidence that prove that clearing is not hypnosis include:

  1. During hypnosis, people have no idea of time going by. A client can be painfully aware of how long a session is taking. It takes work and determination to dig into your own ‘stuff’.

  2. During hypnosis, a person can view anything, anytime. During clearing, a person can only view what he is strong enough to view at that time. Different layers of the onion must be removed first before different incidences can be viewed easily and safely.

  3. MOST IMPORTANTLY! During hypnosis, any commands given to the person will be enacted upon later on, even if they go against the person’s morals and ethics. This does not happen during clearing. For example, if I told a client “When I pull on my right ear, you will run around the room pretending to be a chicken” they would say “What are you talking about?” but if they were hypnotized they would do it. For more information, read the excellent book “Secret, Don’t tell: The Encyclopedia of Hypnotism“, which has records from court proceedings.

So the attacks continued from the outside, and later on became even more effective, by burrowing within, and distorting the technology, and adding mind control and the controlling methods of cults to make it even worse. He even mentions in different books how

Going back to how I learned to do clearing outside of any organization, I met Allen Wright through the network of the Money & You® seminar, which uses games to get people to see how their habits and lack of knowledge of how life operates, have negative effects on their money and relationships.

At that time the seminar would teach about 150 people every 3 months in each major city in Australia, and allowed previous graduates to sit in the back of the room and watch it again. I did this 30 times, including assisting on the course 6 times. Money & You was designed by American inventor Buckminster Fuller, in conjunction with a property developer investment shark whose name I can’t remember right now. The goal was to put the heart back into business.

The course changed my life for the better in many ways. It snapped me out of the mind control that is put in to us by the school system. I learned to think for myself. The course has many excellent features, such as the blocks game which helped people to open up their heart chakras so they could get more in touch with the feelings of love, joy, courage, trust and integrity, which for many people got closed down during childhood.

After all these years, I have analyzed what worked and what didn’t in the course, and seen that there were some things that they did which were not good, in addition to many very good things. I would dearly love to run a similar but much better course, God willing, but it would require a lot of resources to get it going.

Interestingly, every ex-Scientologist I knew who did the course was not able to achieve what other people could, in the blocks game; I believe that something  happened to those people to close their heart chakra. However, since the course opened up people’s minds & hearts to new possibilities, the evil ones had to shut it down, so they sent in 60 Minutes to do an expose, and that was the end of it in Australia.

Sorry, I digress, back to implanters. When I was a beginner clearing practitioner, it was frustrating to me that the only information I had was my course notes. We weren’t even given a recommended reading list. Hubbard never did get around to putting useful information into one easy to access place. This was not done until long after his death and several years after my initial training when L. Kin did a very good job of that with his four books, the first being “Scientology, More than a cult?” and the second being “Scientology, a Handbook for Use“. Since that time I have improved a lot on my initial training by applying common sense, kinesiology and deliverance to the program.

Going back to my early days, eventually, I was recommended to obtain a second hand copy of “Dianetics and Scientology, Technical Dictionary“. It’s not really a proper dictionary in that Hubbard never sat down and wrote clear definitions for each of the weird new words he used for strange new topics, even though it was Hubbard who said that the main thing that will stop anyone from studying a subject is a misunderstood word. Instead, the dictionary is a compilation of things that Hubbard said in different lectures etc., whenever he described something, and was put together by a team of other people, even though only Hubbard’s name is on the cover.

Since I didn’t have a text book to study, I decided to read the Technical Dictionary from cover to cover.

I clearly remember the day I came across the most amazing entry – something that no one had ever mentioned to me. I was sitting in my small apartment in Chatswood, Sydney, Australia on a sunny afternoon. This was a number of years before I had met Michael.

First I read this entry:

“IMPLANT, 1. a painful and forceful means of overwhelming a being with artificial purpose or false concepts in a malicious attempt to control and suppress him. 2. an electronic means of overwhelming the (spirit being) with a significance. 3. an unwilling and unknowing receipt of a thought. An intentional installation of fixed ideas, contra-survival to the (spirit being).”

That was all fairly normal. I had heard of this. But then the next entry fairly jumped out at me. It shocked me so much that I have a photographic memory of that moment:

The entry said something very like:

“IMPLANTERS, A race of beings who set out to take over the known universe, by implanting, and by implanting to implant others, and so on and so forth.”

I was astounded. Was this the main cause behind so much of the evil and insanity on earth? The truth of that statement hit me to my core.

Now, here’s a really weird bit about this. Years ago I told Michael about this word. I then went to my dictionary to look it up, but I could find no entry for it! How could that be? I could clearly remember reading it and marveling over that entry. It was not a dream.

Well, I had a second copy of the dictionary, so I looked that up. It wasn’t there either! They are both old copies from 1975 (You want only the old copies as the church changes things).

Now, the only entry in my dictionary is the entry for “Implant”. There is no entry for “Implanters”, and I haven’t been able to find one anywhere.

I can only assume that when I read that entry, I was on another timeline, with a slightly different dictionary. For more information on timeline shifts, please read:

I end up at the same place Twice

Time line & Reality Shifts

The Fiber Optic Theory of Reality

Going back to the implanters, in the years after the Mars Records were published, Michael and I started to come under more and more spiritual attack. I would use muscle testing to identify what kind of spirits were attacking, and we ended up coming across more and more types of beings, so that we ended up putting together a longer list than the simple “Kingdoms, thrones, dominions” that are mentioned in the bible:

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” Ephesians 6:12

Some people put all these beings in one category called archons. I muscle tested that the implanters are superior to archons.

Some spiritual beings that may attack you (beings without bodies):

Fallen Angels

Celestial Beings, including but not limited to:






World Rulers

Old Ones

Deep Ones 

Little “g” gods (eg Roman gods, Greek gods, Elder gods, Lesser gods))



Emissaries of Lucifer

Lucifer (Probably not the real thing. More likely beings working directly for lucifer calling themselves after his name, the way that servants in England named themselves after their master on occasion – see the movie “Gosford Park”)

Others not mentioned

Some physical beings that may attack you – (beings with bodies)

Grey Aliens

Nordic Aliens

Reptilians (Reptilians are not aliens because they are native to earth) 

Draconians (These look like tall, skinny Reptilians, possibly with wings. They are a different species to Reptilians and seem to usually be superior to the Reptilians. Some are on the planet Draco).

Insectoid Aliens

Darx Aliens (This is a new species we discovered)

Other off planet predatory species (aliens – human and non-human)

Military and INTEL members

Religious Cult groups

Occult Groups (witches, satanists, ceremonial magicians)

Others not mentioned

(This list is taken from the instructions to stop alien and military abduction)

Originally “Implanters” were not on the list. We only started to come across these in the last several years, as the magnitude of attacks increased. At first we just called them “unknowns”. Then I ‘saw’ that they looked like a very, big, black cloud, like this:



This reminded me of a story that an Australian woman I knew told me years ago. Like me, she learned to do clearing as an independent, and was never a member of any organization. One day she was doing clearing with a professional, middle-aged man, when suddenly the two of them saw – I believe with their physical eyes, as both saw it – a giant, black cloud in the large room they were in. Suddenly, the man, who previously appeared as a confident, capable man, curled himself up in the corner, and started whimpering.

The woman talked with the ‘cloud’ and reprimanded it – I don’t remember exactly how – something along the lines that it did not own the man, and it must leave him alone. Eventually it left. I believe that was an implanter.

We believe that our favorite fiction book, the Lensmen series, by E.E. Doc Smith, which contains a lot of truth in it, contains the implanters in it. In that series they are called “Eddorians”, so we have decided to call the implanters the “Eddorians” when we muscle test for them.

I was motivated to write this article after what happened to me yesterday. I woke up on the morning of March 22, 2016, a very bleak and evil day in history, feeling absolutely terrible; massive headache, extremely nauseous, super weak etc. I believe that it was not a sickness – it was spiritual attack. As often happens, the evil ones use the dark energy of horror and fear created by million of humans to power up their attacks. I ate nothing and drank only water that day, but I spent the rest of that day and night dry retching with massive gagging and coughing.

Each time I would get super nauseous, we would muscle test and found it was Eddorians attacking and then remove them with the spiritual sword,  The retching would increase as Michael commanded things to come out. You would have thought it was food poisoning, but strangely, each time I got a lot better immediately after doing this, and then soon after, it started again. 

Eventually I ‘saw’ a metaphysical machine, that had been ‘put inside me’, that was causing the nauseous feeling. We removed that, but the attacks continued.  Eventually I ‘saw’ a metaphysical factory that made more machines, which replaced any machine that we removed. An Implanter/Eddorian made the factory. Michael destroyed the factory with his sword, and the Implanter, and finally I got better almost straight away.

This is a “Call to Arms” for spiritual warfare against these beings that enslave civilization. You need natural health for your body (, Kinesiology for your health ( and Spiritual Warfare against these enemies ( Please visit and use the prayers, whether MP3 downloaded to your music player or displayed on YouTube, to battle against these beings. And be sure to do the group deliverance prayers on the playlist to get yourself cleaned up as well.


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[1] The Hidden Story of Scientology, by Omar Garrison, 1974

[2] Dianetics, The Modern Science of Mental Health, by L. Ron Hubbard, 1950

[3] Dianetics, The Modern Science of Mental Health, by L. Ron Hubbard, 1950


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