Attention: Victims of Alien or Military Abduction – You can remove Mind Control Commands

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Attention: People with Metaphysical Abilities, and Victims of Alien Abduction, Military Abduction, Mind Control & Ritual Abuse, (That Could Mean YOU!) How Kinesiology Can Help You by Stephanie Relfe B.Sc. (Sydney) July 1 2008 I learned a lot of things from one of my teachers, Robert Kiyosaki, author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. Kiyosaki is [...]

The Mars Records – Book 1 – Table of Contents

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Table of Contents "The Mars Records: Book 1" Preface by Stephanie Relfe Summary by Michael Relfe Definitions of Healing Therapies Used Deliverance Understanding the Time Line Chonological List Of Events Visual Representation of Time Line Clearing A)Clearing Biofeedback Meter. B) Acknowledgements. C) The client is fully conscious throughout the session. More on the Biofeedback Meter [...]