Our Question of All Black Projects ‘Whistle-Blowers”: How come they get to keep their memories? Michael of “The Mars Records” and Pat of “The Mars Force” did not even KNOW they had hidden memories. It took much:

Removal of wernicke’s commands,

Removal of booby traps,

Removal of drugs,

HOURS of deprogramming with a biofeedback meter,

Identification and removal of FALSE memories,

Removal of demonic interference through prayer (black magick is a technology used by the dark side),

for them to get their memories back. The only ‘whistleblowers’ who we know of who have given a reason for regaining their memories are Al Bielek (he did auditing with a meter, very similar to clearing with a biofeedback meter) and Duncan O’Finian (his memories came back after an MRI scan, which may have deactivated implants. But it did not recover all his memories. And for all we know, he is still being taken (without his knowledge).

We can believe that some people do have SOME memories leak through, due to their own metaphysical abilities and/or God’s grace. But when this happens, it is quite likely that these are just the tip of the iceberg. And they don’t tell a complete story. And they could be fake memories to cover up something else. So, for those who have perfect recall of Black Projects and alien encounters, How come they get to keep their memories?

So when you read the accounts of “whistle blowers”, keep in mind that the government uses mind control protocols to enforce security agreements. And ask yourself “Is this real? Or is someone running a game on me?”

Attention: People with Metaphysical Abilities,

and Victims of Alien Abduction, Military Abduction,

Mind Control & Ritual Abuse,

(That Could Mean YOU!)

How Kinesiology Can Help You

by Stephanie Relfe B.Sc. (Sydney)

July 1 2008

I learned a lot of things from one of my teachers, Robert Kiyosaki, author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. Kiyosaki is a master at kicking people in the rear end, and getting people to realize that the cause of their problems lies within their subconscious mind and emotions. That is crucial to make major, permanent improvements in one’s life.

Kiyosaki said that a friend is –

Someone who asks more of you than you ask of yourself.

So, I am going to attempt to be a friend and say some things that you will not have heard from anyone else.

Since you found this article, there is a much higher chance that you have been subjected to alien or military abduction or mind control, even though you have no conscious memories of it, than there is for other people.

If you have metaphysical abilities, there is a very high chance that you have been subjected to alien or military abduction or mind control at least once in your life. And maybe a whole lot more than that. The chances of this are even higher if you have had any experience in any military group, or have any family member in the military, especially if they are/were an officer.

Whether or not you know you have them, your abilities could include:

Telepath – receiving (this can cause a lot of problems if you don’t realize the thoughts in your head are not yours).

Telepath – projectional.

Empath – receiving. Picking up others feelings. (this can cause a lot of problems if you don’t realize the feelings you feel are not yours).

Sender – able to move physical objects from place to place. Very valuable.


Able to open wormholes.


Ability to kill with your mind.

Manifestation (very useful).

Ability to draw things towards you.

Advanced knowingness.

Advanced technical / mathematical abilities.

Ability to produce fire.

Advanced trouble shooting abilities.


Medical intuitive (can see inside others’ bodies)

Super hearing.

Abilities to do with voice or song.

The list is as long as your imagination.

The fact that you cannot remember any incidences, or using your abilities, does not mean anything.

Let me say that again, because this is the key to this article –

The fact that you cannot remember any incidences does not mean anything.

By the way, are you starting to feel some resistance to reading the rest of this article? I wouldn’t be surprised if you are. Please be aware of this as you read this article.

Simple hypnosis plus certain drugs plus advanced technology is enough to prevent all conscious recall. Plus the desire to even attempt that recall.

My husband Michael and I released our training DVD series “Perfect Health with Kinesiology and Muscle Testing – The Revolution in Natural Healthcare ” around June 2008. We did this because what worked for us, can work for you too. We really, really want abductees to know what is being done to them and to have the tools to fight back and to heal themselves.

But we have been shocked and disappointed at the low number of abductees who have obtained a copy. We are selling them, but mostly to people interested in natural health, not to abductees. And yet it is abductees who often have strange health problems, due to the stress of being adducted.

We spent four years going to a huge amount of trouble, expense, heartache and spiritual attack to make this training available. God meant this training to be made available, because many times when we needed something to create the DVD, it was given to us when we needed it. So we can only suppose that, as usual, God’s time is not the same as our time. Still, we hope that the time when all people, and especially abductees, know how to do accurate muscle testing AND kinesiology to balance problems out of the body is fast drawing near.

We have come to the realization that the level of control of people and especially abductees is far, far greater than we could ever possibly have imagined. The size, strength and effectiveness of the level of control is truly extra-ordinary. This realization came after assimilating many different observations that we have made of the years, including but not limited to –

1) I gave drafts of the DVD training series, Perfect Health with Kinesiology and Muscle Testing, to a number of friends who are serial abductees. They raved about it when they received my package. But after they got the package, they did not ‘get around’ to getting past the first disk.

One lady had been begging me for MONTHS for the series. But when she got it, and sat down to watch it, she would suddenly get an urge to get up and drink a coke instead – even though she never drinks coke!

Another person was just ‘too busy’ to do it. Even though she had been waiting for YEARS for this information.

Which reminds me of another thing that Kiyosaki taught me. He knows something of the bigger games that are going on on the planet. (Or he did back in the early 1990s. Who knows who has got to him since then). He said that the name of the game on planet earth is –


That is –


That is, as long as ‘they’ keep you busy, they keep you from your true purpose, which is growing and evolving spiritually, and helping others.

2) The low ratio of abductees to those ‘just’ interested in natural health who have ordered the DVD series (to date).

This makes no sense, especially since abductees usually have worse health problems than other people, and are open minded about alternative health. And it is abductees and readers of this site, and the tens of thousands of readers of “The Mars Records” who have learned from our experiences just how powerful kinesiology is – not just for healing all kinds of health and emotional problems, but also as a very powerful tool for learning when, if and how one is being abducted, and ways to overcome the effects of that.

Anyone who has an interest in subjects like abduction, mind control and metaphysical abilities, should realize that the chances are very, very, very high that they have been abducted because of THEIR metaphysical abilities, and that is WHY they are interested.

Having no memory or idea that you have even been abducted is NOT evidence that you have not been abducted.

Having conscious reasons why you should not do something like kinesiology which can do so much for you is not an answer either.

As Kiyosaki said –


What that means is, everyone has CONSCIOUS reasons why they do and don’t do anything. And why things are not better than they are. But the treasonous commands that are stopping you from improving your life are in your subconscious, where you cannot get at them normally. Kinesiology can help to get around that.

Perhaps you’ve seen something similar to this at a hypnosis stage show: The hypnotist will call up someone onto the stage, and tell them that when the hypnotist taps his tie, the person will stand up and open up an umbrella. The person then goes back to his chair, unaware that he has been programmed. As soon as the hypnotist taps his tie, the hypnotized person stands up and opens up his umbrella. (Audience laughs but they should really be crying because of this terrible evidence of brutal control). But the worst part is, that when the hypnotist asks them WHY they opened up the umbrella, do the say the truth? Do they say “because you programmed me to do that?”. NO. They will make up something from their conscious mind that is as rational as possible, something like “I just wanted to test if it works”

3) A good while before the DVD, we went to a lot of trouble to create a dating site to help get fellow abductees together. I know that Michael and I could never have done what we have done without the support and constant watching from and communication with each other. We have managed to stay free of abductions for 6 years now – even though they keep trying different stuff on us. ABDUCTEES NEED SUPPORT. They need at least one other supportive person around who notices things and with whom they can discuss things. And also who is trained and with whom they can swap sessions of kinesiology and deliverance (and later on, clearing).

So we created a dating site where people could search for others who knew about aliens and other paranormal stuff. Hardly anyone joined, even though the price was minimal, and even when we made it free. So we closed it down. I know of at least six people who are VERY advanced in metaphysical abilities, who are not in relationships, are hardly ever IN a relationship, were given free membership, and never got around to signing up. Again, I think the program to keep people on their own so their ‘owners’ can get easy access to them has gone far deeper than I could possibly have guessed.

I recommend that anyone who is on their own, and thinks they may be an abductee or have metaphysical abilities, or wants to explore this, or who found www.metatech.org or www.TheMarsRecords.com, should arrange to be near someone who one can have as a friend or housemate – to help to get free, and to work on each other, until you find your soul mate.

4) There is a ‘new’ phobia. It’s called “nomophobia”. An incredible one in five people get it. It means that if they are out of range of a cell tower for their cell phone, they suffer as much stress AS IF THEY ARE GETTING DIVORCED OR MOVING HOUSE!!!! That shows that there is something highly advanced going on with cell phones. There is something in them that is addicting people to them and controlling them.

When you do finally get your “Perfect Health with Kinesiology & Muscle Testing” DVD, and test for cell phones, please do the test for emotional override. I believe now that all the muscle tests that I did that made it look as though cell phones aren’t ‘that’ bad, were incorrect because I did not also test for emotional attachment.

People are now so addicted to their cell phones that even conspiracy researchers don’t give them up. Why carry around a walking receiver for the kind of commands that are in the movie “They Live” to go into your brain, unless you have been programmed to do it?

5) We published “The Mars Records” in 2000. This was at considerable risk to our lives as certain INTEL spooks do not appreciate public knowledge of ongoing projects. I envisioned that within a few years there would be THOUSANDS of people who had not only done many hours of clearing, but who had also published their results. So we would no longer stand out. I envisioned an army of trained people who were doing all kinds of amazing things to free others, after having freed themselves, and helping others to realize the reality of this situation.

But things don’t always turn out as we plan and the INTEL agents have had nothing to worry about. Hardly anyone has done any clearing, or kinesiology, or deliverance, as we did,. as of July 2008. The few people I have heard of who have had clearing sessions where they remembered abductions by reptilians etc. do not want to publish their session notes, even anonymously. Admittedly, I realized that people needed the wernicke’s correction, and cloacals, and a whole bunch of other stuff that is on the DVD – but that just adds to my feeling of sadness when I see that the bulk of people purchasing the DVD are natural health people, and not the abductees or possible abductees who REALLY need this stuff, and who can do SO MUCH MORE with it.

6) Apart from “Pat” of The Mars Force, hardly anyone else has made the effort to do clearing sessions on these subjects.

Please take note of another saying that I learned at a personal development seminar:


Please put that on your fridge. The ONLY person you can change is you. You cannot change anyone else.

Now, let’s see one way that you can change, so that your life can get a whole lot better.

My husband and I have created a 12 DVD training course, Perfect Health with Kinesiology & Muscle Testing – The Revolution in Natural Health Care. This DVD is for everyone to improve their health, well being, emotional strength and energy. However, if you have been subjected to abduction or mind control or ritual abuse, there will be some extra things you should do. The techniques for these things are taught in the DVD, but their application to paranormal subjects is not mentioned, as the DVD is meant for everyone.

Therefore, this article will attempt to cover the techniques which Michael and I have found to be of benefit to ourselves, and other people who have been subjected to abduction or mind control. I do not have much experience with people subjected to ritual abuse, but much of the following techniques would be useful for these people as well.

Before you do the techniques below, please complete all of the DVD series, Perfect Health with Kinesiology & Muscle Testing, so that you will know what I am talking about and have some experience. I also strongly recommend that you read “The Mars Records” and “The Mars Force – Pat’s Story” to see how we have used kinesiology very successfully for abduction and mind control. These 4 books are free to download from www.themarsrecords.com. Reading those books could very possibly stir up a whole lot of stuff for you to work on. Many people have told us they got super headaches and even fainted while reading these books. That indicates that there is something in that person’s memory that has a lot of stress on it. Otherwise these people would not react like this. In addition, you can learn about the spiritual warfare aspects of this at “How to prevent military and alien abduction” here.

On the other hand, there is one reason why you may NOT want to read these books at this stage. If you do read these books, you are ” front loading” yourself with new information. You may prefer to read them later on, AFTER you discover things about yourself. In that way, you then can’t say “oh, I imagined all that, because I read of similar things in those books.”


Now, before we get started, there is something very, very important that I must warn you about. Please pray for protection and guidance both before, and continually while, you do kinesiology and muscle testing for abductees and mind control and ritual abuse victims. This is ESPECIALLY important if you work on members of the public. If you work on members of the public, do not be surprised if you get as many or more ‘INTEL spooks’ as clients on occasion, rather than people you can help.

This work is dangerous. You may think it is kind of cool and fun. If that is your reason, I suggest you do not work with members of the public. This is very serious. To learn how serious this is, read “Who Killed our UFO Investigators” and “Whistleblower Dies on Stage”.

ONLY do this work because Yahweh God the Creator wants you to, and will give you protection and guidance. This is not a game. You get no special T-Shirt for helping other people. You have been warned.


First of all, as for all proper muscle testing and balancing, you must do the pretests. Note that David Hawkins, author of “Power versus Force” does not even mention the pretests. The pretests are ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL for accurate results. Neither does Hawkins explain the many things that are necessary to do for a correct muscle test. Plus he says that one should say “resist” instead of “hold”, which means that it becomes a test of strength, and not an accurate muscle test. I guess that’s because he is a psychologist, NOT a kinesiologist.

If the person you are working on has been abducted, this can take longer than normal. Maybe even a lot longer than normal. They may be VERY blocked. As you learned in the DVD, if this is the case, do Emotional Stress Release. If the person is open to the possibility of abductions and mind control, while you do ESR, give a command to the person such as, –

“Have a look around and see if you were ever subjected to abduction or mind control.”

The person may nor may not see anything. But in any case, the brain will still process the information. If you get them to do this while you do ESR for a while, you may get them to unblock.


Now if the person is an abductee or mind control victim, especially if this is their first session, it is in my experience that quite likely by now the two of you are not alone in the room. You may even smell or feel their presence by now. It is quite possible that right now you have in the room, or interfering from a distance, some beings such as reptilians or grays., or a human remote viewer When they are right in the room, I do not know if they are out of body, or doing some weird energy thing so they are physically present. I just know that I have experienced this with a number of clients.

It can be quite annoying to have a client come for some kind of normal problem and then find that at the very first session, the person is being blocked or switched because of the presence of a third party. I once worked on a woman in Dallas. From memory, things went as normal at the beginning of the session, but within about five minutes, nothing was working. Once you get very experienced at muscle testing, and know that you can get truthful answers (because your answers have led to improvements in people, or to them telling you things that agreed with the answers you were getting), you can on occasion do a silent, almost invisible muscle test. If you are holding their arm up, you can just ask the body TELEPATHICALLY, for example, as I probably did in that case in Dallas –

“Indicator change if this session is being interfered with”.

If you get an I/C (Indicator Change) then ask “Indicator change if the interference is from beings –

“With bodies”.

“Without bodies”


Then continue questioning. However, since you are doing this telepathically, you need to be super fast and very gentle. The person may not even know that you are doing anything. In any case, the whole experience of kinesiology is so strange to most people, that they won’t wonder at this.

In the case in Dallas, I got that we had two reptilians in the room. Now, this does NOT happen with most of my clients. Maybe one in 20 or less. My problem was – as is often the case – how to deal with this.. Generally I ask the person something like, –

“I’m going to ask you a very strange question”. (So they aren’t so shocked when you ask them …) – “Do you believe that UFOs exist?”

If they give a flat out vehement “No”, then I drop the subject like a hot potato and see how I can help the person as best I can. If the person is not open and willing to learn more, then pushing too fast can do more harm than good.

I think with the woman in Dallas I may not have asked her this question. I think I may have just said something like –

“I’m getting that we have some kind of spiritual interference in the room. Would you be willing to pray with me to remove it?”

She looked kind of wondering, but nodded. We each did a silent prayer, which removed the reptilians. I then went on with the session. Unfortunately, I learned later after I left Dallas, that she later got pregnant to her newly wed husband, but then had a miscarriage at 4 months. I am quite sure that the reptilians took that baby. I will never know whether or not I should have told her more, but one cannot help anyone if the person runs from the room thinking that you are crazy. And one can’t give too much information to anyone at one time.


For the rest of this article, I will assume that you are working with a willing client who is open to what is possible.

If the person is still blocked after you have done as much as you can, drugs may be involved. In that case, it can help to muscle test for –

“Indicator change if there are any drugs that this body needs to balance out” and test the number (zero, one, two etc.)

The trouble is, if they are blocked, how are you going test them? One way is that when you are very good and practiced at correct muscle testing, you can sometimes get some kind of answer, even when they are blocked. When you do this, your test is super, super light. They may not even move their arm, but you will still ‘get’ the answer you are looking for (the truth). You are using the body to access your own knowingness. As always, you still keep an open mind to the answer and ask yourself “Is there a lock?”.

If you ‘get’ that there are drugs involved, to get an unlocking muscle so that you can balance out the drugs, you may need to simply use INTENTION to get them to put the drugs into circuit, so that you can balance them out.


Testing a client telepathically can also be useful if you have ANY thought that they could be an intel spook. In fact, this is a good idea to do for all clients. If they are a spook, don’t’ tell them you are onto them. They may not even know they are one if they are mind controlled. Just do what they came for – eg: fix up their back. Or before you book them in, tell them that you are sorry but in their case you are not able to help them. Do not give any reason, just say that you can’t help them.

A word of warning about INTEL spooks. If you ever ‘get’ that someone may be a spook, and decide you want to do a session anyway, make sure you ask them AT THE LAST MINUTE if a friend of yours who is learning kinesiology can also be present at the session. Especially do this if THEY are bringing a second person to the session. I once had a man book in with me who was a new customer, who had only a few simple problems. I think it was Michael who “got” that he was a spook, especially after the man asked if a woman friend of his could attend the session. We tested Michael to find out if he was a spook or not, and got that he was. So when he turned up I asked if Michael could be present, since he was learning kinesiology. The woman never came in – she stayed in the car. Nothing abnormal happened during the session, but I think that something would have happened if Michael had not been there.

Remember that these are people. They have lives just like you. They are overworked and underpaid. And in addition to all the government rules and B.S. they endure, they have no one to talk to about their job or the projects they are working on. And THEY get mind controlled to make sure they keep everything secret. So if you become a practitioner, always protect your physical person (never be alone) and try to help whoever you can. They are not the enemy. The beings that control them are the enemy. And when you help someone, you do YAHWEH’s will and those bad beings plans will be set back.

Another thing to remember. Never get involved with “secrets” or “classified” information. If ANYONE ever offers to share with you ANY secret information, run, do not walk, to the nearest exit. You ARE NOT a spy or law enforcement professional. You are not a part of their world. Do YAHWEH’s work to help others and that’s all.

Hopefully, you will never need this kind of warming in your whole life. But depending on what you are doing to help free the planet, and until you know everything about what has been done to you, and what your abilities are, and how important your bloodline is to the evil ones, anything is possible.

In any case, it is always important protection to not see anyone at your own home, unless you know them well. All strangers must be seen at a public center where there is someone else present in the building who has seen your people. You can rent rooms at alternative health centers and at some chiropractors.


Be prepared for anything with a brand new person, even if you know them well. I will always remember the first time I worked on Pat of “The Mars Force”. We had communicated a number of times by email and I liked her very much from the emails. I also liked her when I first met her, after she traveled to our home in Norfolk, Virginia. She seemed very intelligent and ladylike, with a lot of gentleness and internal strength. She is very soft spoken. I will quote from “The Mars Force – Pat’s Story” –

Michael and I picked Pat up at the bus station. Although she had come a long way, I felt that I should give her a short kinesiology session that evening. The session was done in my home. It was lucky that God was looking after us and made sure that the first session was on a Sunday, because Michael was at home and he was definitely needed!. Pat lay on the massage table but almost as soon as I started to muscle test her I got a violent reaction. After doing sessions on hundreds of different people, I had never seen anything like this.

She was blocked, which is not unusual. What was unusual was that as soon as I tried to unblock her she began to scream. Plus her left arm started moving in circles all by itself. It would start at her side and then move in a jerky movement across her body. Then move back to her left side and then start off again. I felt that it was her body reliving a time when it was pulling against restraints. Pat thought it might have been her deflecting energy, possibly in some way connected to the “alters ” that we later discovered she had.

I called in Michael to help me and it was only through the deliverance that he did, with the help of Jesus Christ, that I was able to continue at all. The first session was quite frenetic and I did not take many notes, although it was taped and we were able to later on hear again the screams that suddenly came out of Pat’s mouth – a lady who until then had appeared very gentle, soft spoken and ladylike.

I got that she had metaphysical alien circuitry on her and began to remove it, while Michael was praying for her. She also seemed to have metaphysical implants in her which I removed as best I could.

If we had never taped those sessions, I doubt that Pat would ever have remembered or believed that she was had actually SCREAMED during the session!

If you are having trouble with the pretests, at least give them a glass of reverse osmosis water, so that at least dehydration should be taken care of.


If the person has been abducted or subjected to mind control, it is almost guaranteed that they will have been given drugs. Test how many different drugs are available to be balanced out. Then balance them out one by one. Call each drug “Drug number one”, “Drug number two” etc., since we don’t know the names of most of them.

Do this anytime you get stuck during a session.


Once you have finally got all of the pretests in order, make sure you do the same balances that you would do for any client. That is, check first that their Centering is in balance. As you learned in the DVD, do it once with eyes open and again with eyes closed. A number of abductees will have everything in balance with eyes open and nothing in balance with eyes shut, because their eyes were shut when horrible things were done to them.

And then, as for every client, do a 14 Muscle Balance, with eyes open and with eyes shut.

As you learned in the DVD, write down everything that you find out of balance, so that the next time you work on them, if the same systems are out of balance again, you can lock in the weakness and hunt down the cause of the imbalance. It can take a few sessions before even a normal person, let alone an abductee, stays permanently in balance, because you have removed the hidden layers of stress that were stored in the person.

Once you get their Centering and 14 Muscles to stay in balance, they will probably feel wonderful, or at the very least, a whole lot better than they used to feel.



CRUCIAL: At the start of every session, after you have done the pretests, test for blocks for finding “Booby Traps”, followed by a test for “Booby Traps”.

A Booby Trap is just a special kind of Wernicke’s command, but it can be deadly.

Because removing Booby Traps is so absolutely essential for anyone who has any interest in UFO or paranormal subjects, or has ever had any unusual experiences, I strongly recommend that people do this. Instead of doing the normal order of DVDs, do disks #1, #2 and then go straight to disk #11 of Perfect Health with Kinesiology and Muscle Testing.

Booby traps fall into three categories:

1) Commands to die if the person remembers. Examples that I have found on people are:

“Die if you remember this.” Most people who have booby traps have this one. Note: the word “this” is usually, but not always, in the sentence, to keep it specific.

“Kill yourself if you remember this.” Most people who have booby traps have this command also.

“You’ll be dead if you remember.”

“You will not live if you remember.”

“Your heart will stop if you remember.”

“Have heart failure if you remember this.”

“Have a heart attack if you remember this.”

“Have cardiac arrest if you remember this.”

“Die of heart failure if you remember this.”

“Have a heart embolism if you remember this.”

“Your heart will stop if you remember this.”

“Don’t remember this or your heart will stop.”

“Your heart stops beating if you remember this.”

“Have kidney failure if you remember this.”

“Your kidneys die if you remember this.”

“Your liver will stop functioning if you remember this.”

“Your spleen ruptures if you remember this.”

“Have a stroke if you remember this.”

“You will have a stroke if you remember.”

“Have an accident if you remember this.”

“Have a brain hemorrhage if you remember this”.

“Have cerebral hemorrhage if you remember this.”

“This will happen if you remember this.” (shows person a video of horrible things)

“You’re dead if you remember this.”

“We’ll kill you if you remember this.”

“You’ll go insane if you remember this.”

“Stop breathing if you remember this.”

“Die in pain if you remember this.”

“Drop dead if you remember this.”

“You’ll suffocate if you remember this.”

“Have brain cancer if you remember this.”

“Have lung cancer if you remember this.”

“We are going to disembowel you if you remember what we’ve done.”

“We’re going to kill you if you don’t obey us.”

“Expire if you don’t follow your programming.”

“We will disintegrate you if you don’t follow your programming.”

“Meet death if you remember this.”

“You will die if you think about this.”

“Your brain will be damaged if you remember.”

“Your mind will be erased if you remember.”

“You’ll lose your mind if you remember.

“You’ll go insane if you remember.”

“Your nervous system will shut down if you remember.”

“Disloyalty means death.”

“There is pain for disobedience.”

“You’ll forget this or die.”

“Forget this or die horribly.”

“Remembering this brings pain.”

“You will die if you recall this.”

“Thinking of us gives you a headache.”

“Remembering this occludes blood flow to the brain.”

“Remembering this releases blood clots to the brain.”

“You hypothalamus will shatter if you remember this.”

2) Commands to kill the person who helps them to remember (that is, you). Examples that have been found are:

“Kill the person who helps you to remember this.”

“Kill the person who deprograms you.”

“You’ll kill anyone who helps you to tear down your programming.”

“Zap anyone who helps you.”

“Destroy the reputation of anyone who helps you deprogram”.

3) Commands that relate to endangering others. The third category may not hurt anyone, but it could stop you from getting yourself free and cleaned up. Examples I have found on another are:

“Kill your daughter if you remember this.”

“Kill (name of son/daughter) if you remember this.”

“Kill your son/daughter if you remember this.”

“Kill your mother if you remember this.”

“Your family will die if you remember this.”

“You put your family in danger if you tell anyone about this.”

“(name of loved one) will die if you remember this.”

A woman healer was murdered by one of her male clients in Melbourne Australia around 2000. I believe that it is possible and even likely that the man was a victim of mind control and the healer inadvertently removed the blocks to his memories, without first removing any booby traps.

Do not underestimate the power of booby traps. I once worked on a woman who had many health problems (eg intense stomach pain) as the result of abduction by reptilians. I removed ten wernicke’s commands to stop her from remembering. After two sessions her health problems went away. BUT, I forgot to look for any booby traps as at that time I thought that only the military used these. A few weeks later she went to a doctor, thinking she had a minor stroke, plus she started ‘talking funny’ – it was like her brain wasn’t working correctly. I then tested and found five booby traps including “Have a stroke if you remember this” and “Have an accident if you remember this”. She was fine after that.


First, Find Blocks that Prevent Locating Booby Traps

Say “Indicator change for the number of commands to be removed that might stop us finding any booby traps”. Then identify them. Examples that I have found include:

“Don’t look there”

“You can’t see them”

“They don’t exist”

“They’re somewhere else”

“They are protected”

“They are invisible”

“They are shielded”

“They can’t be removed”

“This is a permanent condition”

“These cannot be fixed”

Finding Booby Traps

Once these have been found and removed, test if there are any booby traps to be removed. Say

“Indicator change if there are any booby traps present”.

Then muscle test. If you get an indicator change, there ARE booby traps to be removed. Then muscle test for the NUMBER of booby traps to be removed. This helps to make sure you get them all. Say:

“Indicator change for the number of booby traps present”.

Then identify the booby traps. Also identify what species of being gave the person each booby trap.

It is important to check for booby traps at the start of every session. And periodically during a session.

A booby trap is just a special kind of Wernicke’s Command. You treat it exactly as you would treat a Wernicke’s Command.


Once you have removed any booby traps, you are now free to go hunting for other wernicke’s commands.

Here are some suggestions as to what to test for:


Muscle test to see if there are any commands against:

1) Kinesiology

2) Clearing or the biofeedback meter

3) Deliverance / Prayer

4) Effective personal development

5) The Relfes / Stephanie Relfe / Michael Relfe

6) The Mars Records

Please email us and let us know what results you get! We have found that some people have these.


“Indicator change for the number of wernicke’s commands that are available to be removed related to memory.”

Test from zero to the number. Once you have the number, go find them.

If the person was subject to mind control or alien abduction or military abduction, my experience has shown that it is highly likely that they will have at least the following two commands to prevent memory regain:

“Forget this”

“Don’t remember this”

Here are some other examples that I have found:

“You’ll never remember this.”

“Forget this happened.”

“You’ll never remember this.”

“You have no memory of this.”

“This is not happening.”

“Mind control is deactivated.” (presumably that can always re-activate it later)

“All alternate personalities are deactivated.”

“This never happened.”

“Forget your visit here.”

“You won’t remember coming here.”

“This isn’t happening.”

“Forget this.”

“Forget this night.”

“Forget about the military.”

“Forget about aliens.”

“Forget about this facility.”

“Forget this happened.”

“You imagine this happened.”

“It’s just your imagination.”

“You’re imagining this.”

“You made this up.”

“This was all a dream.”

“This is all a dream.”

“This is just a dream.”

“You’re dreaming.”

“This is a dream.”

“This is all a dream.”

“It’s just a dream.”

“We’re not here.”

“This never happened.”

“You weren’t here.”

“Forget us.”

“This is not happening.”

“This never happened.”

“This didn’t happen.”

“Aliens don’t exist.”

“You have no memory of this.”

“This night is erased.”

“There are no aliens.”

“None of this happened.”

“This isn’t real.”

“You were never here.”

“You weren’t here.”

“You’re not getting any images” (from a doctor). Michael got that this was a joke on their part, because he often says during sessions “I’m not getting any images.”

“All of this didn’t happen.”

“You’re not here.”

“Don’t think about this.”

“Think of something else if you remember this.”

“Forgetting this brings pleasure.”

“Forget this processing.”

“Forget what I told you.”


Note that the above commands tried to be specific about forgetting just one period in time. They were not all inclusive. For example, they nearly always include the word “this” in them. While this can have spillover into a person’s life, so that they affect the person’s life, the above commands are not nearly as bad as other commands that I have found which are not specific.

I can only imagine that the commands which are not specific were done by people who were stupid people, as well as being evil, because they don’t understand what they are doing with words and mind control. When a command to ‘forget’ is not specific, it can ruin a person’s life in limitless ways, such as causing a person to be unreliable and untrustworthy, because they cannot remember things that they have told another person that they would do. This will negatively affect their professional career, personal relationships, finances, efficiency and personal growth.

The following are some of these commands which I have found, which can really mess up a person’s by affecting almost every area of their life:

“Never remember.”

“You can’t remember.”

“You can remember nothing.”

“You never remember anything.”

“You’ll never remember anything”.

“Don’t remember everything.”

“Forget about forgetting.” (that was a particularly nasty one).

“Don’t remember.”

“You won’t remember.”

“You can’t remember.”

“You won’t remember a thing.”

“No remembering.”

“Stop remembering.”

“You’ll never remember”

“You will not remember.”

“You can’t remember.”

“You will forget.”

“You have no memory.”

“Your memory is offline.”

“Total recall is off.”

“Your photographic memory is deactivated.”

“Your memory is scrambled.”

“Forget everything you’ve seen.”


“Forget everything.”

“Always forget.”

“Go to sleep.”

“Go back to sleep.”

“Stay asleep.”

“You’re at home.”

“You have no memory.”

“Memory blocks are on line.”

“Memory is forbidden.”

“Memory is shut off.”

“Your mind is off line.”

“Your memories are deactivated.”

“You cannot recall.”

In addition, for each command, test whether it was deliberately inserted into the person or accidentally received. If it was deliberately inserted, test what specie/s gave it:

Ceremonial Magician (we have found that these beings are so demonized that the body no longer regards them as ‘human’)





Other Alien



Examples that I have found that were deliberately given to the person are:


“Obey your commands.”

“Obey immediately.”

“You will comply.”

“You will obey.”

“You will obey.”

“Obey ASAP.”

“Do as you’re told.”

“Do as we tell you.”

“You are ours.”

“We own you.”

“Serve us.”

“Give yourself to us.”

“You work for us”

“Surrender to me.”

“We are your master.”

“Our will is your will.”

“Follow out orders.”

“You have no will but to serve us.”

“You are our slave.”

“You are totally committed to us.”

“You’re charged to obey.”

“We own you.”


Here are some other subjects you could test on:

“Indicator change for the number of commands that are available to be removed that are related to suppression of metaphysical abilities.”

Every now and again, test for the number of metaphysical abilities that the person has. Do the best you can to identify each one. Realize that some of them may not even have a name to cover them. Some of these abilities are to do with other universes and dimensions. This whole subject gets very mind expansive.

“Indicator change for the number of commands that are available to be removed that are related to suppression of wealth.”

It is our experience that many abductees and mind control victims have cashflow problems BY DESIGN. People who are in constant drama due to lack of money are much easier to control. And less likely to spend money on things that may help them to wake up and get free.

“Indicator change for the number of commands that are available to be removed that are related to suppression of relationships.”

Here’s another type:

“Indicator change for the number of commands related to obeying”.

It is our experience that many abductees and mind control victims have relationship problems BY DESIGN. People who are on their own or with someone who is not aligned with them are much easier to control. And less likely to find out things and get free.


I mentioned that Pat had alien circuitry on her body. A lot of people have this. To find it, do a ‘body scan’. Move your hand over their whole body while you test Anterior Deltoid. When you get an I/C, you may have something to be removed. Once you locate it, you may be able to ‘see’ or sense it.

This circuitry is invisible and metaphysical, but it’s still there. It can be in the form of:

Plates,with bolts at the corners, especially over the heart.

Wires, especially coming out the crown chakra and ears, and back of the knees.

Etheric eggs.

Worm holes to other dimensions (especially on the back of the knees)

Shields to cut you off from earth’s energy.

Anything else that your ‘imagination’ (i.e. intuition) presents to you.

Favorite places that they like to put this stuff are:


Third eye.

Base chakra.

Back of knees (especially in conjunction with other stuff)

Solar Plexus


Remember that chakras come out the back as well as the front of the body.

This circuitry can be within or on the body. Or several inches or even several feet outside the body.

To get rid of it, grab it and with a lot of intention, pull it off and throw it away, and click your fingers as you throw it, to help vanish it.


In this article, I explain how I discovered that the C.I.A. and probably other organizations have put a microchip into vaccines which lowers a persons metaphysical abilities. I assume that they can reverse this whenever they need to use the person.

So, test for and balance out the following: –

Central Intelligence Agency


Anything else that you think of related to this


I have not had as much success with this as I would like, but I have had at least some success. It can certainly help to periodically test for how many alters the person has. And to find what species or organization gave the person each alter. And the purpose of each alter. Even that knowledge can help the person to as-is some of their mind control, and to help the alters to heal. Their prayers will be move powerful when they know specifically what to pray for.


This can be a great way to help to convince a person who is open minded but not sure that they have been abducted. Find a weakness and then lock it into circuit, as you learn in Disk 12.

If you get that the cause is something that could be related to abduction, then test to see if the cause was in fact an abduction, or something forcefully done to the person that the person has no conscious memory of. I have found that if a person had bad stuff done to them by a parent or relative,, as part of a ritual, that it won’t register as an ‘abduction’ because the person was never taken, they were “volunteered” .

I have found that often if the cause of a problem is the emotion “No choice”, that the emotion came from an abduction or sexual abuse. “No choice

This has worked for me on a number of occasion. For example, one woman had problem sleeping (hardly surprising when they usually abduct people when they are asleep). No matter what a person’s symptoms are, you still do the same things. When I balanced her a second time, her cloacals were out of balance. So I locked in this weakness and located the cause. I don’t remember the exact way it turned out, but by using the techniques you will learn in Disk 12, you are not front loading the person. You are just going through lists of things that could be the cause, which narrows it down. Finally, I got that she had been abducted by reptilians. Once I did some Emotional Stress on this, her cloacals were able to stay in balance, and her sleep was able to improve.

However, symptoms like this will only improve long term if the person believes what is going on (which she didn’t), and joins in the fight and determines to be vigilant against further attacks. Kinesiology is a major weapon for this.


Remember, you MUST keep a totally open mind when doing this. While you can do it this way, it’s often better to find out that a person has been abducted by doing it the way I described above – through locating the cause of a particular symptom, rather than going straight in for questions like below. This is called “front loading”. However, if you are really good at getting accurate answers and keeping an open mind, here is what you do:

Say and test –

“Indicator Change the number of times this person has been abducted”

Test zero, one, more than one.

If ‘more than one”, test “more than 10” to narrow it down more quickly.


Note that this test has problems associated with it. There is a lot of emotion with this, and maybe a lot of programming and hidden layers. So this answer may not be the truth, but it can still often provide an accurate answer, and a surprise to the person who is tested. Test this every now and again after you have removed other layers of the onion.

If you get a zero, test and keep an eye out for possible interference.

Sometimes when I think I get interference, I pretend to walk away from the person, then quickly rush back to test again – and then get a different answer!

Once you know the number of times the person has been abducted, then test for which species were involved, including:







Other Aliens


Remember, as for all kinesiology, the different imbalances and commands etc. are in layers, like layers of an onion. So you need to periodically check again for the same things that you have already done on the person. Things like booby traps, wernicke’s commands, circuitry, interference, false memories etc.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do not delay. Get the DVD series Perfect Health with Kinesiology & Muscle Testing – The Revolution in Natural Healthcare today. Do not let your conscious reasons for not doing this now get in the way. This knowledge will benefit you and your loved ones in many, many ways for the rest of your life. And save you a fortune now or later in health care. Remember, there is a full 60 day money back guarantee if you don’t really love it as much as I say you will.

I am offering to www.Metatech.org readers only a special offer. If you cannot afford the DVD set today, but can make 3 or 4 monthly payments, please email me, and we will get it to you now. We really, really want people who have metaphysical abilities and who want to help the planet to benefit from this knowledge, so that together we can all be free.


If you keep a journal of all the strange things that happen in your life, it will help you to keep doing things to get free when your mind and the bad guys try to get you to stop. You might include in your journal things that happen when you are doing the kinesiology DVD, and other things such as deliverance to get free. You might also include a list of evidence that you are an abductee (members of the family in the military, freemasons in the family, missing time, strange experiences, extended time spent in Europe or near military bases etc.). Obviously, keep it in a secret place. Just remember that anything you write down could be used against you at some future time, even by family members.

Here’s an example of the kind of thing that you might include. A woman who purchased the DVD emailed us:

I just “watched” the emotional stress relieve section and went totally unconscious, just woke up and feel like I been hit by a truck!


1) It is suggested that metatech readers who purchase the DVD set do the disks in a different order from other people. You could do Disks #1 and #2, and then go straight to #11 (Wernicke’s commands). Look for booby traps, followed by commands against remembering, and other sabotaging commands, such as commands to keep you on your own or with less money. Test which commands were given deliberately, and which ones you picked up accidentally.

2) If you have read this article, and have purchased my DVD Training “Perfect Health with Kinesiology & Muscle Testing” and are interested in meeting with another person who has done the same, please email me of your wish, your location and your phone number. I cannot promise anything, but if there is another person not too far from you, maybe the two of you can make contact with each other. Of course, I know nothing about either of you and cannot take any responsibility for anything that happens from introducing you to each other. And remember – the spooks are reading this too.

3) Pray to God for guidance and discernment at all times. And pray to God to send you a good person to work with.

Please see Feedback from Metatech readers who have learned “Perfect Health with Kinesiology & Muscle Testing”.


“How to Stop Alien and Military Abduction”

Relationship Troubles May be Caused by Commands Inserted into the Brain during Abduction

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The owner of this website is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon properties including, but not limited to, amazon.com, endless.com, myhabit.com, smallparts.com, or amazonwireless.com.