NASA is altering the true colors of the pictures of Mars

Evidence that NASA is altering

the true colors of the pictures of Mars


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Investigation shows that there are several indications that the NASA is tampering with the colours, and changes them from an Earth-like environment into a red inhospitable environment. But it seems that the young scientists at Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) are not convenient with this.

Here is shown the first found evidence the NASA is altering the colours, in such a way, that blue is displayed as red:

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At the press conference last saturday, the JPL-scientists showed the latest picture of the Martian landscape. It showed a salmon-coloured desert with a blue sky. It seems that they did it on purpose, since previous pictures were all extremely red. Below the pictures of the conference are shown:

It show the same picture with the same hill on the upper-right, slightly zoomed-out. The administration of the NASA seems to have tampered with the picture.

But there’s more. On the NASA-site at there’s an article with: “Hazy Martian Skies”.

“This image mosaic taken by the Mars Exploration Rover Spirit’s panoramic camera shows the hills southeast of Spirit’s landing site. Like a smoggy day in Los Angeles, dusty martian skies limit how much detail can be seen. ” there’s written in the article. Indeed, there’s not mucht detail on the photo. They also say: “This lack in visibility is demonstrated by comparing hills on the left to those on the right, located nearly two times farther away.”, which seems to be a terrible lie. The hills right are not two times further away. The hills on the right belong to the hills on the left, they are in the same panoramic view.

An graphic expert, Keith Laney, used the raw RGB (red, green, blue) data provided by JPL to create the same picture. Click here to view this high-resolution panoramic view. It shows very much detail, and there seems to be no dust at all!

Now compare this with the NASA-version. Click here to show the large NASA version.

These are extremely different. If the colors were changed by “scientific point of view”, they changed a sharp, contrast rich photo into a blurry, contrast poor picture. They seem to have deliberately altered the colors to make Mars look inhospitable and dusty. The real version by Laney is so detailed, that you can see a fantastic pile of rocks:

These same rocks look like a blurry red pile of rocks on the NASA-picture, with no detail at all. On the Laney-version it even seems that the artifacts like “Sleepy Hollow” are waterice, or water.

The guys from JPL say, in the press conference: “On the ground, the warmest temperature is around five degrees Celsius (37 Fahrenheit) and the coldest is -15 degrees Celsius (5 Fahrenheit)”. But the NASA-site says: “This graph shows the predicted daily change in the atmospheric temperature one meter above the surface of Mars at Gusev Crater, the Mars Exploration Rover Spirit’s landing site”. With a picture above it with a curve shown from -70 degrees Celsius to -5 degrees Celsius! Who has right? De guys of JPL (The good guys), or the administrator of the NASA?

If the young scientists from JPL are right, it might explain this:

It seems to be nothing else but mud!

This may raise the question: Why is the NASA doing this? There might be several reasons. One of them is because of the Alternative 3 lecture.

Here are other great links with more information about NASA changing the color of Mars. Wonder why they don’t want us to know that Mars has blue sky, water and that things grow there…

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